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Earrings and a Bracelet

End of Summer Earrings added to the wiresNpliers world.  In this post, all are going to our House Of Tor shop at the Etsy site (just search houseoftor when you're at the site).

First, the Bracelet.
NDHS for Notre Dame High School, the Titans, and their Basket Ball team.  This bracelet is for a Team Member's Grandmom, her grandson just started High School, he's still 14, and is already on the Varsity Team.  He's that good!

This is the newer golden yellow shade of fiber optic Cat's Eye, in a bicone shape, added to some beautifully deep shades of Green, and a flower toggle.  She'll get some large jump rings too, so she can attached a charm or two onto the clasp, or in between beads.

Most of these earrings range at a low to mid price point level, and are easy to wear.They can be worn in a casual setting or an evening setting or any setting you prefer!  Who am I to tell another on how they should create their experience?

Two Red Agates with 2 inverted wavy silver colored disks.  The double drop agates are translucent allowing light to pass through them.  Hanging from Silver filled french hooks, these earrings have been wire wrapped with sterling silver.

Beautiful  9" creamy, round, white Freshwater pearls, are dressed in shiny copper, and added to titanium aura pyrite crystals.  They hang from blue anodized titanium French Hook ear wires.

Green Tiger Eye gemstones in simple sterling silver threader chains, but it's nothing to yawn about, because threader earrings are dramatic on their own.  All components are sterling silver.

Jacks Charms in black hanging from black niobium french hooks.  A micro-faceted half blue green polished Czech crystal has been added to each jack.

Pink fresh water pearls hang from twisted rings and silver filled french hook ear wires.  The pearls are a carnation pink shade and about 9mm in size.

Red Velvet crystals in two sizes are featured in this double drop earring. Silver fill hook earrings accent and brighten these rich warm encased beads.

Lapiz Lazuli gemstones dangle below golden cascading dogwood blossoms. They hang from golden hook ear wires.

A pair of red agate gemstone beads have been antiquated by mixing gunmetal, black and natural niobium shades together.  A black Squaredell between each red agate bead, each featuring Swarovski's Black diamond crystal elements.  Natural niobium French hook ear wires add to the antiqued effect with their natural gray shade.


Peacock black freshwater pearls leaning green, are presented in gold, in a classic design.  Each pearl is about 9mm in size. All components are 14kgf.

More to come later as the season progresses.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scalemaille, A Fun New Technique for Lightweight Earrings

standing 3rd back

First, a little background...

 I love long and big earrings.  They can be any shape or any size, and the longer my hair gets the longer my earrings can get, but I don't follow the hair length vs. earring length rule, because I love, love, love long earrings with short hair, too.

bottom left
              Let's go back a bit....
At one time in my life I worked in an automotive machine shop as an expediter, so I got to see every department on every level.  One thing I found very handy was a micro-polisher.  It was a huge thing with a huge diamond strap that spun along, the strap (belt) winding around in it circuitous route so that it could be reached from different angles. We used it on re-manufactured engine products like crankshafts and rods.  One of the cool things I found was that I could quickly polish the tips off of safety pins and thus make many safety pin earrings in a couple of minutes!

It was these safety pin earrings that leg me to hairdressing.

Back then I had bright maroon dyed hair, cut short and tight on the sides, a curly bi-level (a radical style for the time, even though today, we call it a mullet).  We wore all black clothing almost every day, or sometimes short tunic dresses, torn fishnets, and stirrup stretch pants with rollover suede boots or flats. This is how I was indoctrinated into the hairdressing industry. We were never regular hairstylists, we were bohemian stylists. We were the wild stylists.  Sometimes there was even a little trouble brewing here and there.

After 30 years of hair dressing, I think back to the beginning, when I came into it with my safety pin earrings and my determination...   

 I told you all of that, to tell you this.  I have worn many long earrings.  The weight of an earring has never really been much of an issue for me, except in one way.  I have always liked my teeth, and when I would turn my head quickly, I have occasionally had the unfortunate experience of being hit in the tooth by a long bauble or two.  Especially beads on chains, like glass beads, or stones, or anything that has some weight to it.

When I started playing with chain maille, I came across scales!  What fun!  These scales are anodized aluminum and come in many colors and ever with some different textures!

The best part:  These scales are very light weight and very easy to wear, and all come on niobium ear wires so they won't hurt those ultra sensitive ears.   After looking at some of the designs, I decided to try it myself.

Once I figured it out, once I got past the backwards facing scales that I accidentally added at times, I started to play a bit.
So here are some designs that I made.  Each one of these can be made to any length.  Use your imagination.

Celebrate Flutter Scales
"Celebrate" Cluster Fluttering Earrings in gold black and brushed silver

Tricolor Layered Scales
Triple Layered Scales in green, gold, and black

Happy New Year Layered Scales
Happy New Year Layered Scales in brushed silver, gold, and black

Tricolor Flutter Scales
National or seasonal Fluttering clusters in red, silver and green
Blue Layered Scales
Triple Layered Scales in blue
Celebrate Flutter Clusters
Illustrating how Flutter Clusters hang ("Celebrate" earrings)
These Blue Lampwork Chain Hoops are versatile because they can be dismantled at will, to make the chains hang long, or to change the order of the two silvery beads that ride between the chain and the handmade lampwork bead.  It's all up to you!

Blue Lampwork and Chain Hoops
A unique set of earrings, the Everlasting Chain earrings appear to be solid chain once they spill from the Sterling Silver ball posts; but really, they are connected to the earring nut (aka: clutch) on the back side.  The ring does not show (like it does here), because these heads are not quite up to scale like a human head.  Why they make them small, is a mystery to all jewelry folk.  Like the hand and wrist models they represent mini humans....unless there's hobbits among us!
Everlasting Chain loops

Two things I have learned over the years:
  1. All styles will come back around BUT the same person should not be wearing them the second time around. Pass them down.  
  2. Vintage clothing never goes away 

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Show 'N Tell Special Items And A Rain Dance Challenge Winner

 Rain Dance

Rain Dance is a necklace that was made for a Challenge Project that was themed "Water." 
So I made water. (see more below)

but first ...

Here are some special items that I have been working on. 

Carnelian Bow Tie Necklace

This is my Bow Tie Link Chain Carnelian Necklace. It features a gorgeous chunk of well polished Carnelian. The carnelian is very thick, shaped into a round and then domed. Set in antiqued brass with a tube bail, a tiny piece of turquoise contrasts the deep warm shades of the carnelian.  Matching turquoise beads have been added along with shiny antique brass beads to black niobium links which hold each bow tie link together. 

The brass used in this chain will gradually achieve its antiqued patina.  I added one of my handmade hook and ring clasp also made with niobium.


The Pepsi Necklace

 These beautiful bubble beads were made by Sooz Beads, Colsterworth, England, and the black disks are black onyx.  

We have a family member that absolutely loves all fizzy drinks, and one of her favorite (brown) ones is Pepsi. So with a Birthday coming up I decided that a Pepsi necklace might be a great gift. This is a special necklace in that it has no clasp. This type of necklace is perfect for someone that has issues with fine motor skills.  It is a choker that goes over the head; two features that usually don't go hand-in-hand together in a necklace.  I made some adaptations to the usual clasping system and opted for an elastic one. 
I think I'll be making this style of necklace again very soon, since I have a new cute Siamese Cat bead, and cats are also beloved beings in our family.

Cool Refreshing Pepsi


Rain Dance
the challenge... 

Jewelry challenges are great ways to hone ones skills while allowing the creativity go wild.  Another interesting angle is that even though a person gets to let their creativity run amok, they still have guides to follow, and these guides are called "Themes." Usually anything goes as long as it is jewelry that is within the Theme named.

The theme for this challenge was "Water"

Rain dance was created from a blank palette. 

 Using lampwork beads handmade by Sonja at SilverRiverGlass, I added them to bits of antiqued brass rolo chain, and then added little droplets of perfectly clear glass.  The droplets dangle at uneven lengths. They twist and turn and flip over the chain so they are in constant motion, just like the rain as it falls.

This choker necklace rides high yet comes with a 2" extender chain made from assorted matching links of niobium, and a handmade niobium hook clasp.

Just because the theme was water, who was to say that it had to be the ocean, a beach scene, or an underwater excursion filled with shells, sea glass and clown fishes?
I chose rain water.

I won First Place!

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