Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Etsy Treasury

Last night I was poking around in the Treasury, and I looked up and noticed that there were 333 treasury listings. At the bottom of the page it mentioned that when the count falls below 333, a Treasury may open up for the grab. I looked up again and saw that there was about 18 sec before the next Treasury expired, so I sat there clicking the refresh button and scrolling down to see if it had opened up.
I was starting to wonder if it indeed ever did open up because in the past I have tried it over and over to no avail.

So I was sitting here clicking away, and suddenly, there I was! Graced with an open box to fill in, I immediately clicked on it, and saw that I had actually caught the treasury!

That's the good news.
The bad news is that I had nothing ready, other than what I had originally included in my poster sketch months ago. So I went with that, transfering the numbers back and forth from one to the other. A couple of items had either been sold or expired, so luckily my alternatives filled in the gaps. One of the things I did have in my poster sketch tools was "Chaos Theory" one my friend Barney's pieces. <~~fine art jewelry of differing price points. Something for everyone. ~~> Dude, he loves sugilite, charoite, contraluz opals, What more can you ask for? mokume? He does that, too! He has an archive, too. See it at and tell him, I sent you. CBClay hehehe

Unfortunately, none of my fellow team mate items were there. No eJAG, no Etsy for Autism.
I have officially decided to make 2 poster sketches, one online and one on desktop; covering both teams as best I can.

So here is a photo captured of my first Treasury from 8/26/08. It will expire tomorrow night 8/28/08 around 11:00 pm PST

I shot this image with my camera so as not to be stealing bandwidth from Etsy servers. It is not the best, but until I learn how to capture my image better, this will have to do. See Captions below.
Summer Loving

Summer days that melt into reds and yellows and long heavy shadows

"I thoroughly love this blend of textuires and warm summer colors. It reminds me of the Sailor's adage: 'Red Sky at Night, A Sailor's Delight; Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning.'

I hope you like it!"

There you go! This has been fun and I hope to get more treasuries soon!

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