Sunday, August 24, 2008

Updates and such. eJAG's Autumn Splendor contest to be held at

¤°¯°¤.¸..¸.¤°¯°¤° *Hello *¤°¯°¤.¸..¸.¤°¯°¤° *

Well it is August 24th, the sun is starting to hang low in the sky, shadows run long here in Oregon. Mornings are coming a bit later already, and I can feel, smell, see and hear Fall approaching all around me. My favorite season. Yay!
I am in the midst of creating my entry for eJAG's "Autumn Splendor" Contest, and working hard on it. I may or may not add another picture later. I don't want to spoil my surprise entry.
I also put this picture on House Of Tor's MySpace page; under the name of Fall's Hallow, because I wasn't sure of the actual name of the contest at the time; now that I know, "Fall's Hallow" will become the actual name of my entry.
Contest starts 9:00PM PST on 9/30/08 and ends 10/15/08!
So I am officially introducing: "Fall's Hallow"

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