Saturday, September 20, 2008

eJAG's Autumn Splendor Update -another Fall's Hallow update

Well, the day is here. Today is the last day to enter the eJAG contest....
Now, in 10 days, on the 30th, all the items will be shown for voting! Hooray.
My entry
Fall's Hallow, aranea is finished, but I decided to add one more thing, and I am currently awaiting its arrival in the snail mail. Yes, that's right...Of course it is from a fellow etsian, as is another item chosen for my entry. Keep it in the 'efamily' right? right.
No image this time, because well... it's a contest, and you will have to wait until it is time. But, I don't want you to be disappointed that there is no image, so I have decided to insert 2 different images for you to view, while you wait for the entries to come.

These images come from my group called Nosey neighbors (I spell it nosey becasue we both have to get our noses right up to the fence to pull this one off).

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