Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fall Challenge Starts!

Today is the 30th, the day of debuts. All of our entries will be unveiled tonight when the poll is finally created so that the voting can commence!
Please go and vote for your favorite entry at our eJAG blog:
I have seen one other entry, a beautiful set of earrings and a necklace of sparklies on a golden aspen leaf! Simply gorgeous! It's going to be a tough one, I can already tell. Just one hour to go. I will be posting new images at MySpace, on my Rota-Tor (ok, my slide show) when I finish here. It will take a while to cycle in to my mix at Myspace, so I figure that about the time for the images to appear it will be close to debut time. So that's good. Let's review of my progress so far, oh, and there's a new hint pic:

that's it for now...It's off to MySpace.

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