Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Hallows Eve - Salem Massachusetts, anyone?


Ronan~ The Great eyeglower

Ginger'sCattittude, and her words are either

Back off or Bite me!

hard to tell which...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love Fall ~ My favorite season of the year

My Favorite Spider Picture
Nothing like a clean web to start the day.
Happy Spiders!
To the Rose Garden we shall now go........
The images below should be viewed successively.

First, this is how the flower appears from above.

Ahhh, the white clouds from heaven, with ambrosia juices for all who venture inward. one moves to the left side, the view starts to open up from a different angle.
Twinkles toes just coming into view on the 2nd row of petals.
Moving a little further along the left ward angle of view.
By now, I know she sees me....
and finally:
The posting below is the one that came out the best, and was published in our local U-News television channel.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Spider Pic.

The last sweet drink you'll ever get...
Need I say more?

Artists and Creativity, how it can work together and still make a living

♦You see I am completely and sometimes painfully aware that a good business person in any creative field, including music, that wants to make a good living at; must always be willing to put their 'special' creative piece or pieces out for free or charity or aid/donation; leaving the remaining 80-90% of their creative work being that which others want to purchase, have, or even dance to. No artist makes a living by having their pieces in museums, though they may become famous or even notorious. Until they are completely famous, their income comes from things others pay money for. That may include paper stock (cards, pads, memos, prints) of original works rather than the original work itself, which was probably the main reason for its creation in the first place.
Having typed that, please know that since I am a Master Stylist in a hair salon, but because of my home lifestyle with Sarahbushka and my family, I am unable to join in the fun with our performance at our Annual Hair Show that we showcase every Fall to the public. I have not been able to do this for the second year now, which really hurts, because this is, in particular, a great avenue of creative expression 'ON' the human body, and being worn with movement engaged.

I have enjoyed every single year (6th, this year) because our proverbial creative doors are thrown wide open for this event. All proceeds are donated to our local Relief Nursery for underpriviledged kids and such. We usually have a theme and other than that, we are free to 'be.' And clients love that! long as they can come in see it, not necessarily wear it. It has become a rather popular event here in this town of 120K.

These images are from 2006 our Midsummer Night's Dream.
One of the things I can do for my part is to donate my jewelry for the raffles. Last year I donated 2 pieces and colleagues told me that the jars that were below my jewelry had far more tickets than any other jars, except for the Biggie gift raffle. So that is good.
Watch for the pieces to come filtering through this blog.
~And I am still preparing the "How-To ~ 'Seeing Stars'" All images are complete, but I still need to input the words.
Slan go foil

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh Boy, look what I found!

Spider News
I found this sheet web in the early morning, still covered in dew from the night before.

It looks really beautiful as it is suspended across the deutzia, less than 9" from the ground.

I've had to run in and get my camera to catch these shots before the scene changes too much.
This was shot looking upward from below.

Now this is what I call a "Glory Hole!"
I am sure that almost everyone would agree with me that anything venturing down a hole like this one is going to end up getting burned, one way or another. Why, I wouldn't even stick my finger in it. Not even if I had been drinking tequila. There is a certain knowledge when it comes to anything that carries its knees over its head, in that it causes an inate fear in human beings. Luckily most humans have never seen a spider's face or eyes.
That's it for the Spider News of Oct. 10, 2008.

Watch for my first Wires 'n Pliers "How To" feature to come this way very soon.
First How To: Seeing Stars