Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here we go again...

It's Hair Show time once again.
This year, models are from one of our local business chains, a well known and also well established company, growing monthly, one which we all need sooner or later...usually sooner; and it has some of the nicest, best looking and most congenial employees of all time, and that is {{{Eugene's own DUTCH BROs COFFEE barristas WoooHooo!!}}}
This year we are going to focus on Holiday looks, and our show will happen in early December. Every year our Chikara Hair Show gets better and better. Tickets are $25.00 (I believe, but don't quote me yet), things are just starting to come together now, and Model Calls are in the works, as I type this post.
For my part, since I am unavailable to participate with the other stylists due of my quirky family obligations, like last year, once again I will be furnishing some raffle items.
Two creations of mine will be raffled off in addition to various other raffle drawings. I have yet to name the 2 necklaces, but the names will come to me naturally, as I move along.
And of course, as always, proceeds from our Hair Show will go to our local Relief nursery for underprivileged children. Both necklaces are hand made of copper, cold forged into the shapings I have presketched.
Image #1 The base from which it all springs forth:
Image #2 The Initial Cuts
Image #3 The Bends

Image #4 The Trial Run To Glory

Coming up, in the next post, watch for images of the finished necklace, hopefully it will be named by then.
At that time I plan to unveil the second necklace too.

Also I haven't forgotten that I have planned to create my "HowTo" or for lack of a better term, my first Tutorial on Shooting Stars. Regarding my Shooting Stars "How To:"
Recently I found myself within a new Etsy Team, named Createability, for those alter-abled Etsians members, such as our family, where we giggle, because each of us comes with our own Disabled Parking Permit. So this is a perfect fit for us. And one of the things that we are going to do as a team is to Show and Tell (I think) our own Tutorials.
When my turn comes, I plan to "Show and Tell" my Shooting Stars. Luckily all the images are ready to go, and the words are all I still need to add, as I mentioned in a past post. So that's good.

Watch for things to come by this blog and connected blogs, because we are all in this together are we not?

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