Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just For Fun - I've been tagged - 8 random things about "moi"

I've been tagged by Cherry from her Cherry’s Creations Blog to list 8 random things about myself. I have a few minutes so let's see what I can come up with.

1. I drink coffee at night

2. Every female in my family incl. my Mom, and Grandma, Female cousin, sister, me; we’re all lefthanded.

3. I would like to retire from my day job.

4. I know things I shouldn’t. Not sneaky things, but sometimes I can look at a person and just know things about them.

5. I love making jewelry.

6. I probably should sleep more.

7. I get great enjoyment out of feeding people, seeing their happy faces as they enjoy their food.

8. I have moved over 30 times in my life. No, I am not running from anyone, nor hiding, nor needing to move all of a sudden, I just like changing locations. Of course, moving stopped, when we bought. Don't even think of asking how many times I have rearraged my household, I couldn't even begin to tell you.

I duly tag these 5 bloggers:
I duly tag these 5 bloggers (because I didn't have 8 bloggers):

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun on MLK Day!

Introducing: Maximus No. 3 Capricorn II

A hand forged Sterling Silver Capricorn, the second of my House Of Tor's Maximus No. 3 Capricorn Series started last Fall, which was a Custom gift for a family member over the Holidays. Capricorn II has wirewrapped pieces of corresponding Birthsign stones affixed to it, in Black onyx, red garnet, and Botswana Agate, all of which are Capricorn friendly and in exalted power.
House of Tor's Maximus No.3 Capricorn 1 can be viewed in a post below.

Here are some items I have been photographing today on MLK Day. I have been wanting to get these listed so that they can be up and out there.

So far only one has been named I and I will identify the others by type.

This piece I have been calling Triple strand Afternoon necklace.

It's little beads are very difficult to photograph, the image looks like it is out of focus, these little beads shimmer and glow a bit, especially when strung back to back, as they are in this necklace.
Stung on 3 strands that come together at the Swarovski crystal stations before passing through the Pandora beads, this is a hefty necklace. A silver flower toggle clasp was added for as an extra touch.

Here, the same beads were used with gold Czech tube beads in a strikingly warm contrasting appearance.

These pinkish beads seem to color change depending upon what they are seen next to.

Each pink bead here has been strung with a teeny Charlotte in between to emphasize the unique texture of these beads.
This is a double strand twisted bead necklace, one strand had the gold tube beads spaced along and the other strand is without gold tube beads. I like the uneven texture the two strands give when twisted together.

And the final pink beaded item today is really not shown here because I didn't like the finished piece, because the chain, even though it is extremely pretty, got a bit tweaked and a bend that just doesn't want to straighten out is now present, right by the clasp and pendant. I cannot allow this piece in this condition; so it is not useable as a finished jewelry.

I will separate it and rework the beaded chain , possibly even using a different clasp and pendant charm on it .

The intermittant patterning and grouping of these little gold Charlotte seed beads with the lilac pink bugles are very beautiful, and I am sure I will find another pendant to hang from this beaded necklace, and it will be just as pretty. Of course I will utilize this great steampunk pendant very quickly, too. The rubies still intact, this steampunk inverted watch pendant catches the eye especially on a dark backgound and around.

More steampunk to come.

Well, that's it for now. These items will be named and listed very soon with some others, uncluding Himiko which has already been listed.

I love the Rubies in this little steampunk pendant charm.
In some images they really stand out making this a special piece of art.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Introducing Copper Bleu And "Himiko"

"Copper Bleu"

This is what I have come to call her.

I am not sure what her name will end up becoming, but for now, this is her name.

I have finished the assembly and it is ready to go once I shoot some other images with differing light sources.

At least one image taken outside and one on white or on some innocuous background.

Part 2



Creamy white pearls of 2 styles, tablet and biwa, strung with turquoise and copper accents, including medallions and firepolished Czech glass beads.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Something fun

I made this one day when I was bored.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

New things are coming.... very soon.

Here are some images of a project I have been working on:

I decided that it has been time to tie again, so I got out my silk and some very pretty beads I picked up called (unbelievably) "silks." These are very little (perhaps #11's) tubes of varying gold shades ranging from a greenish gold to a pinkish gold, almost copper, and they have a matte finish, so I like that. I also have little pillow beads in the same shades, so I expect to have some fun with them.

I had some dark blue silk thread among my shades, and a deep blue tube bead with spun gold, and a coppery glass woven into the mix when it was originally made.

I always have lots of copper around, whether it be raw wire or even ready made components. In this piece I have combined some cold forged items and some ready made copper tubes, because they were cute in the nth degree. Two sides were used as opposed to a continuous piece of thread knotted all the way around. Instead of a pendant added at the mid point, each side was beaded and tied to the center then attached to the center wire then tied back to its origination, and reentered through the bead tip, so that each side is double stranded. Later each bead tip rather than be attached to a jump ring, was instead attached to a wire that fed through the copper tube and accent beads, before being attached to the clasp (all pictures show center wire and unattached ends).
I am lucky that I had 4 copper tubes because I ended up using 3 of them. As I mentioned, I usually don't use many commercial components anymore other than bead tips, occasionally caps, spacers and accents, unless I come across something that I really like OR something that I know sells well (because the general public likes it). Case in point, a lot of the commercial cast toggle or bar in ring clasps are favorites and I will use them because I know the appeal they have.

This piece is now finished, though I have not had time to capture any more images. All the these are from the midpoint of construction.

The clasp is now in place as it the final copper tube holding the center blue bead has also been attached. Because it is silk, the beading looks buckled while the necklace is prone, but when on, it smooths out nicely. It is currently hanging on my black bust (I like to call it my black breast), and it looks superb.
I have also just strung a pearl nacre necklace too, and I will capture images ASAP to add in the next posting.