Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

New things are coming.... very soon.

Here are some images of a project I have been working on:

I decided that it has been time to tie again, so I got out my silk and some very pretty beads I picked up called (unbelievably) "silks." These are very little (perhaps #11's) tubes of varying gold shades ranging from a greenish gold to a pinkish gold, almost copper, and they have a matte finish, so I like that. I also have little pillow beads in the same shades, so I expect to have some fun with them.

I had some dark blue silk thread among my shades, and a deep blue tube bead with spun gold, and a coppery glass woven into the mix when it was originally made.

I always have lots of copper around, whether it be raw wire or even ready made components. In this piece I have combined some cold forged items and some ready made copper tubes, because they were cute in the nth degree. Two sides were used as opposed to a continuous piece of thread knotted all the way around. Instead of a pendant added at the mid point, each side was beaded and tied to the center then attached to the center wire then tied back to its origination, and reentered through the bead tip, so that each side is double stranded. Later each bead tip rather than be attached to a jump ring, was instead attached to a wire that fed through the copper tube and accent beads, before being attached to the clasp (all pictures show center wire and unattached ends).
I am lucky that I had 4 copper tubes because I ended up using 3 of them. As I mentioned, I usually don't use many commercial components anymore other than bead tips, occasionally caps, spacers and accents, unless I come across something that I really like OR something that I know sells well (because the general public likes it). Case in point, a lot of the commercial cast toggle or bar in ring clasps are favorites and I will use them because I know the appeal they have.

This piece is now finished, though I have not had time to capture any more images. All the these are from the midpoint of construction.

The clasp is now in place as it the final copper tube holding the center blue bead has also been attached. Because it is silk, the beading looks buckled while the necklace is prone, but when on, it smooths out nicely. It is currently hanging on my black bust (I like to call it my black breast), and it looks superb.
I have also just strung a pearl nacre necklace too, and I will capture images ASAP to add in the next posting.

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Cherry's Creations said...

Very pretty, I haven't tried the silk knotting thing yet. I LOVE copper.