Sunday, February 22, 2009

A First - Sarahbushka Brings her Art Careers Necklaces To Etsy

"Greengold Seasons"

For the first time ever, Sarahbushka brings her Art Careers Jewelry to In the past all Art Careers Stock made weekly, has been offered for sale only 2 times per year. Now in this day of e commerce and shrinking budgets Art Careers is allowing students to sell at their own venues.
This is a Parks & Rec class, so if sales are not kept up, funding for our Art career Classes could end, and then where would all of the special needs Jewelers and Artists go?

So in order to keep up with our times, we are now offering the "Sarahbushka Line" from The City Of Eugene, Oregon, Parks & Recreation's Adaptive Education - Art Career Program!

Come and view Sarahbushka's Jewelry in our Art Career Section at Wires 'N Pliers at

"I Heart You"

New Pieces will be introduced every day for several weeks, starting Monday, Feb.23 , 2009.

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