Monday, March 16, 2009

Introducing: eJAG's Spring Fling Challenge: "Trees"

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones
May break our Bones
But our words come back
To haunt us.

Part of the tree’s life cycle, are the fallen bodies of the ancients that end their existence giving back to the Earth, what they have taken in order to grow. For without this happening our young saplings, would never flourish, never reach their height, nor may they get their nourishment and minerals from the soil below. Without the big ones laying down, the little one’s might never see the light they need to reach up to the heavens above.

All of this is part of the life cycle of a tree.

Our mistake is that we think that once a tree has fallen, its life as we know it, is over. Our cycle is to immediately cut them up, haul them off, stacking them for drying, and later burning them for fuel or chipping them up for insulation in our gardens.
All of this, in Our name of recycling,
we become smug while we pat ourselves on the back for our clean
gardens without weeds that we no longer have to bend over for; our hearths now warm from that tree long forgotten by us that gave us the heat, and the soil?

The soil, now robbed of nutrients, can no longer yield sustenance to the young. The flora and fauna now robbed of their own growth medium and moisture in such a way, that when the rains come, they wash directly off, wreaking havoc. The natural rocks that once dammed and hemmed the moisture in, now wick it to the lowest point, carrying the needed and treasured fine silts to the rivers below, choking their waters brown.
Sticks and Stones
May break our Bones
But our words come back,
To haunt us.

The Workings:

4 and 14 gauge raw copper wire pounded, bent, and battered until flat, then etched until it resembled a tree limb, torched like a natural firestorm, darkening it as time would do; and finally laid to rest in pile of natural untreated granites (yes, granite beads, not gabbro), and connected to the body, by a copper rolo chain and a hand forged copper clasp w/ loop and a couple of Czech accent beads.

• Linear - 19 inches 49cm
• Vertical Drop – ~ 8 -8¼ inches per side (approx 22cm) asymmetrical focal.
This necklace rides high enough to appear like a loose choker.


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Wires n Pliers said...

Thanks Rebecca! I love this type of challenge. I wish more members had joined in on this Challenge, as it is very enlightening to see what springs forth (creatively) from one word: Tree(s).
Have you voted yet? You should, because the Challenge is open for all to vote.
Thanks again Rebecca.