Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Careers - Bi Annual Art Show and Sale Jewelry Making

We just held our twice yearly Art Careers Jewelry sale here in Eugene,Oregon, on Friday, May 1st. It is always a fun event, with much laughter and lots of selling going on. Sarahbushka made over $200.00 this sale which was much better than our December sale!

We spent the better portion of our day at the Art Careers Show & Sale, with Sarah's shift being 11:00AM - 2:30PM, a stretch for her, considering she usually wants to "go home(?)" within a short time after arriving.

Today we brought along a McDonalds lunch, but she had to sit and watch it for over 45 minutes until noon time. It was perfect timing because when we got there the place was packed with people (it opened at 10AM), a nice and welcomed surprise for us.

Sarah and I entered and Sarah paused looking around, then walked in and started to greet people (like 'The Star' had just entered the building), then sought and located her own table (each artist has their own table of jewelry, with their picture and a short bio), and quickly planted herself down in her chair, looking very pleased. When people she knew walked up, she would stand and greet, shake hands, even hug some of them. Everyone was aflutter with excitement.

Shoppers that Sarah did not know, were greeted by Sarah holding a necklace up and saying "Beads!" each time...Each and EVERY time.

It was quite impressive to observe her handling her own business, even when I was asked to man the 'check-out' desk while the OIC ran an errand. I actually sat across the room from Sarah without her becoming upset, or anxious, or having the need to sit by my side. Sigh .... She's becoming indie..... ♥

I was now free to take pictures of the other artists that were present during our shift.
The images here are of tables of necklaces. Each artist has their own method of presentation. Some sort by color, some by style, and some use directional angles to present their necklaces.


necklaces by Emma



Below are some of the members that were not present during our shift at the Art Show & Sale.

Charity ♥ Jessa ♥ Jenna ♥ Sharlyn ♥

Lisa ♥ Joanna ♥ Roberta ♥ Angie ♥

After taking pictures we suddenly realized that 2 of the gals, Sarah and Emma, each had the same exact shirt on, that they were wearing in their table portraits! And the portraits were taken over a year ago! Go figure.

The 'gals' modeling their shirts in front of their old pictures with the
same shirts on.

~The things they love...they never part with. The last picture is proof of that.~


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