Friday, June 26, 2009

KT and her Wedding Jewelry

The Wedding Jewelry

Continuing from the last post, after the packages were shipped:

Both packages arrived at their destination, though they were one day apart in arrival which made me nervous, since the box that was delayed had all the Bridesmaid Jewelry enclosed, but it has now also arrived with everything intact. KT, The bride, loves the designs, and is very happy. Now as of today, she has just 23 days left until her wedding; so I will not be contacting her as she will be in a flurry of ….excitement, from now until her Wedding Day. I am glad that I was able to complete the Wedding Jewelry this early before the Wedding, so that she has one less item to think about.

In brief this is how it went:
In late December/early January, my niece KT (Katie) contacted me about creating jewelry for Wedding party and herself, with her coming July Wedding. I jumped at the chance, especially since the winter season was appearing to be very slow with the economy as it has been and may continue to be. We exchanged emails. I got images, and more images, of dresses, jewelry styles, and colors; even images of the bridesmaid dresses.

In January, I outlined everything, made lists, and timelines for my plan of action.
By February, I was ordering supplies and searching for the color matching of pearls that would be required.
By March, I had all my supplies together (away from my other supplies), and everything was ready to start except for the item(s) I might need to speed-order at the last minute, and one last “biggie:” the colored pearls in the celadon green shade. I had major problems securing the correct shade of green. Green can be a very difficult shade to match since it many times has yellow, blue, gray and other hues that create difficulties in with matching. The other problem we ran into was monitor colors and color matching online. We finally had to snail mail swatches and test strands back and forth, to achieve the perfect effect. But still no perfect pearls.
In late March, I had my last chance to find the pearls (other than having to improvise or travel) in the name of: “The Gem Faire” which travels on the road, from town to town all year long. I found 4 shades that worked and we chose 2 main colors to work with.

In May, I made jewelry, finishing most of it before Memorial Day, leaving only the Bridesmaid earrings and in-law jewelry to complete.
The workings

for further information see my blog at 1000Markets which has a ridiculously long post
Then, one day, I realized I was done.

Bride's Jewelry

Bridesmaid Jewelry

InLaws jewelry

By early June, I had my entire packaging ready to go, complete with green velvet jewelry boxes and handmade paper mini notes w/ envelopes embedded with KT’s favorite wildflower seeds.
Then I shipped it all……..on June 16th.I sent KT an email with an image of her packages that would be arriving, which reminded her that she had forgotten to inform me that she had moved.
Today, is June 26th, Everything is finished so I can now meld all the wedding supplies into my regular supplies, if I desire; and yet, something holds me back; a bug in my ear that says, ‘keep it separate for a while, and bookmark an overnight shipper…just in case.

~~~~AFTER the Wedding jewelry~~~~

After putting my other projects on hold and only finishing previously started work, while awaiting ordered items to arrive, and after bypassing my EJAG challenges that I so enjoy, by pounding metals into jewelry as my entries, I am left with {{{time}}}!! So I napped for awhile. Ahhhhh, But I can’t nap all the time.

Now what do I do? Catch up on blogs. A biggie for me today, is to await the mail delivery as I have been noticing that a lot of vendors have been carrying some exquisite Jasper pendant stock filtering though Asia, lately. I have been actively procuring pendant stock for my Signature Series, which is wonderful, since stones that "talk to me” or “tell a story” don’t come my way very often. For some reason they are coming through the channels right now, and I realize that some mining is going on in the silica based regions, that are producing some very unique stones, either by choice or as a byproduct of gemstone mining.


It is all good with me. The main vendor I visit has some very keen-eyed cutters, choosing the optimal part of each slab to cut drill and polish. I have no problem paying a bit more for a stone that has an even drill line, balanced and well polished pieces.
I am seeing prices very low, perhaps many folk have curbed their buying because of the economy. This is exactly what I have been saving my money for. At the very least, if the bottom of the market falls out, I will still have beautiful stones that I can hold in my hand, if not throw at someone else, preferably at the person or persons that have aided in causing my stock portfolio to dissipate, into fewer digits than I had just 6 months ago.

Under the Banyan Tree

Anyway, I received 5 pendant stones yesterday, one of which one must have broken or been misplaced or miss-tagged, before it was shipped, so the vendor replaced it with another not quite as nice and it lost its Signature Series status, since the pattern is different. This replacement stone will work, but it will carry a lesser price when finished. My vendor did give me an extra stone too, a very nicely cut stone, one that I have never shown a fancy in, yet. But who knows?
Today I am awaiting another package of 5 stones. Then in a couple of days 4 more, and then, there‘s my list.
Fun, and now Summer, too!


Antje said...

Wow... I love that jewelery. And the dresses! The green is stunning.

Thank you for your kind words btw - I do feel much better now, the infection cleared up pretty quickly with the antibiotic the doc perscribed, and I was able to make it home without major problems. :-)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Glad to hear the packages arrived - and it was a lot of fun to hear about your journey making the wedding jewelry!

Wires n Pliers said...

Thanks Rose Works Jewelry, and Antje, too. The wedding was Saturday, and now everyone is starting to leave Spokane to return to their respective homes. I am hoping to get images any day now! I will be posting them as soon as they start arriving!