Friday, June 19, 2009

KT's Wedding Jewelry Is About To Debut

Timing is everything
The jewelry has been shipped. After I shipped the boxes, I found out that the Bride has moved.

The Wedding is July 18.

There still is time for boxes to be forwarded. I keep telling myself: "Have some faith in the US Mail." and "...never had one disappear yet"...even that one time, last Christmas, when the gift purchase I shipped out, never arrived, instead it later showed back up at my house in mid January.


Delivery confirmations, insurance, email notifications, none of the precautions will matter if the boxes get left in the wrong place, like a back room of forwarded mail that needs to be sorted.

So I wait.

The Wedding Party (the women) consists of the Bride, 5 Bridesmaids, Mom, Grandmom, and the Groom's Mom.

The Bridemaids each have necklace and earrings suites.
The Bride has 2 necklaces, a bracelet and earrings.
The Inlaws have a necklace each.

Pearls, pearls, pearls, and more pearls, and some silver and crystals too.

Garden Green, Celadon, Sage, Mint, Golden Sage, and White
Samples, Swatches, and Ribbony things

So check back after mid July....
And Thanks for visiting!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Oh that must be so frustrating! I hope they get there on time!

Wires n Pliers said...

They arrived! Come back to the blog, I just published the rest of it!
(I was probably editing the post as you were typing the comment. LOL, I can laugh now. But earlier I had it all done, then I swept my hand across the finger pad (new laptop) and accidently erased the whole post just when it was updating its 'save' function, so it saved a blank page. Then I had to start over!) But it's there now. Thx for the comment Rose Works Jewelry.