Monday, August 31, 2009

I am honored, once again.... It's Atists Up Front, a VickiDiane Treasury from

VickiDiane's Artist UpFront Treasury featuring selections by marco and teaman of Etsy's Artists

Once again I have been honored at being chosen by the esteemed VickiDiane of, to be one of her featured Artists in another Treasury at Etsy.
The Treasury feature at is a cross promotional feature where shop owners cross promote each other in Treasuries, which are collections of items from different Seller's Shops Art freely and randomly chosen by the person who is able to "grab" a Treasury on a first come first serve basis.
At times this is a very hard thing to do considering that there are hundred's of thousands of shops with owners poised at the keyboard all watching the timer tick down to zero, when the Treasury officially opens for grabs, sometimes with just a single Treasury opening available!

Vicki Diane is well known throughout Etsy for her Treasury Features.
I am alwayds happy to be in one of Vicki's Treasuries. This has been my 3rd Event, so far!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get Ready........ The Season is coming once again!

It's Chikara Salon & Spa's Annual Hair Show Season...
and it is rapidly approaching.

This Year, it is on Monday, November 9th
Advance Tickets go on sale September 15th for $15.00
Tickets at the door on November 9th will be $20.00
For information call our Salon.

Our Theme this year:

  • A fundraising event for Local Resources like Lane County Relief Nursery, or Food For Lane County

Live Music


Silent Auction

of a child's Tea Party
also to be held
at the same time or shortly beforehand,
though it has not set in gold yet.

First Model Call: early September

So, If you think you will be a good model, and are a local person, and can handle the excitement, last minute hub-bub and wonderful stress of a bunch of hair, make up and fashionista people fussing over you, just before you walk down the runway.....Call us for more information at 541.683.2353

And the rest of you out there: Keep checking back as there will be more information coming very soon as we approach that special day, when we deliver you to:

The DollHouse

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We've arrived at Craftgawker

Recently I submitted images of some of our items from our Etsy site.

I was lucky in that 2 of our 6 images were accepted.

Introducing Ice Gold - A frosty farfalle necklace with little golden farfalles in the mix, this beaded pendant necklace incorporates a natural chunk of Pyrite, or "fools gold" above a frosty completely natural rock quartz point. This crystal point is very unique.
To see other angles: Ice Gold

New to farfalle? Farfalle is italian for bow tie (pasta), and butterfy is another term associated with farfalle. Either way, these beautiful little beads are stunning. To see more farfalle: click here X

And now to our next piece:

Peachy Keen - pink coral and pearl knotted necklace.
Hand tied Peachy Pink coral, with gold and oblong creamy white Freshwater pearls, this long necklace can be worn a variety of ways; not only in the traditional long open necklace style, but also tied in front, doubled, and even wound on the wrist

For additional images: Peachy Keen

To see our images online at CraftGawker, click here

But we're not done yet. More will be submitted on a regular basis. The interesting thing is, these submittals have actually caused me to look at my own image composition from a new angle.
these were declined :o(

Craftgawker is cool in that they will actually give the submitted images short critiques as to why they have been declined. I found Craftgawker through Etsy Forums where some folks were confused as to why their images had not been accepted. When I submitted my first group of two, both were declined. One seemed valid to me, the other, so so. However, when returning to their site I studied the images that had been accepted, and submitted images of mine that were in a similar layout, and from each of my submissions one was accepted. So that made me happy. And it has taught me something too.
Always room to learn something new...