Monday, August 31, 2009

I am honored, once again.... It's Atists Up Front, a VickiDiane Treasury from

VickiDiane's Artist UpFront Treasury featuring selections by marco and teaman of Etsy's Artists

Once again I have been honored at being chosen by the esteemed VickiDiane of, to be one of her featured Artists in another Treasury at Etsy.
The Treasury feature at is a cross promotional feature where shop owners cross promote each other in Treasuries, which are collections of items from different Seller's Shops Art freely and randomly chosen by the person who is able to "grab" a Treasury on a first come first serve basis.
At times this is a very hard thing to do considering that there are hundred's of thousands of shops with owners poised at the keyboard all watching the timer tick down to zero, when the Treasury officially opens for grabs, sometimes with just a single Treasury opening available!

Vicki Diane is well known throughout Etsy for her Treasury Features.
I am alwayds happy to be in one of Vicki's Treasuries. This has been my 3rd Event, so far!

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