Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art Careers has started again!

Sarahbushka's Art Careers "Shenzhen at Night"
Art Careers has started their Fall schedule now, so every Monday one can expect that many good things will be emerging from Sarahbushka's Art Career class. Yesterday, she finished a Tribal style necklace which has suspended "teeth" of a beautiful jasper, similar to a leopardskin variety and coconut heishe, wood, and fiber-like paper thin disks that line up like african vulcanite wafers which create a unique look.

Her second necklace which she will be finishing next Monday is a beaded gray, black and silver chain style with a pendant consisting of a large onyx ball (about 25mm in diam), from which hangs a little pewter grape cluster bauble.

After that, she'll be starting a glass multi colored transluscent tube bead necklace with black and copper accents.

Of course Sarahbushka will also be continuing her beading here at home, but currently her work at home is allocated as donations for our up and coming silent auction which will be held at our Chikara Hair Show, the DollHouse, on November 9th. I have also created 2 pieces; and plans for the third are out "on the bench" awaiting my hands, as I type this (actually I am killing time, here, before getting down to work).

Sarahbushkas Suite #1 Black N Blue

Sarhbushka is very pleased with the two suites she has turned out thus far, with one more to go. She is also excited because around the same time that she gets finished with her donation suites, it will be time to go to the Gem Faire, which will be rolling through town in early November.

Sarahbushka never misses a Gem Faire. In fact if, for some reason, there is a weekend when she cannot attend, I get sent instead (oh, pity) with orders of what color and size to focus on, for her bead selections. And after I get her bead selections, I get to pick accent beads out for her too!

I always love to see her face when we walk in to the Gem Faire. Her "one long leg"-ged walk is with urgent persistance, her eyes filled with intent, a sharpened sense of the expertise needed to zero in on her booty: the tables laden with jewels and beads of all colors, shapes, and sizes, all shining through her eyes as she strides along.

She is so intent upon making her purchase, that she will attempt to fulfill her needs from the very first table we come across. So what we do is focus on her first color choice at the first table...unless she finds something that she falls in love with, which we will go ahead and buy right then and there.

Her facial expression is one of utmost importance to get the job done and get the heck outta here. It is always this way, 4 months of build up in excitement, then the day comes and she is all done shopping in about 10 minutes! And she gets it done.

I, myself, need almost 3 visits. The first day to be completely overwhelmed, and with my supply list in hand, I will buy what I need first, barring anything I find that I simply cannot live without. Then on my second sweep, I scan the tables as I pass, for my favorites, specialty items or anything that is new or different from the regular Gem Faire stock that is always present. I look for the new emergence of ore or stock from the mines that are currently being worked around the world; as many times the byproduct slag of precious gem mining, becomes the emerging semiprecious stock in the jewelry making world of beads. Each year something usually emerges (for example: a couple of seasons ago, blue peitersite being one of those great items). One never knows until it starts to show up in the marketplace.

Golden Fluorite-"Golden Ties"
On my 3rd sweep I will actually do a lot of purchasing, usually of stock items needed, like black onyx, pearls, trade beads, and of course visits to my regular preferred vendors (which, of course, will remain my secret).

On this 3rd and final trip (usually the final day of the Gem Faire) I return to purchase the items I really cannot live without, but didn't think to purchase when I was there previously. These are the items that either: 1) I realize I really did want it when I saw it 2) Even though I can't afford it, if I don't buy it, I will kick myself later, because as every rock/gem person knows, if you don't buy it when you see it, you'll never see it again, and is it worth living with yourself (or your family living with you) if you don't get it? (don't even ask what goes through my head if I don't get it and find later that one of my adversaries got it instead of me....woo boy). This brings me to the biggie, and the shopping methodology I use on that final visit: 3) If it is meant for me to have, it will still be there when I arrive.
My last Gem Faire? Shopping this way, I now have 2 absolutely gorgeous strands of the richest royal violet amethyst in the shape of tube beads (TUBE BEADS!! How often does one see amethyst in tube beads, hmmm?). Problem is, now that I have them, do I want to use them, or just covet them, by running them across my hands.... sigh.

It is amazing what comes back to me, my shopping memory, as I lay in bed at night, and when my shopping rationalizations between reasons 2) and 3) appear in my mind, especially if I am still on day 2, or my second visit to the Gem Faire. Many times I will remember something that I saw that day, and I will actually have to get up to write it down, lest I forget, because it will haunt me later....

Pandora's Star

That's it. Because.....

I was just asked out to lunch, for chili verde nachos, at one of our favorite local mexican food stands here in town. So it is time to go. I can make jewelry later.

Bye for now.

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