Thursday, October 15, 2009

eJAG Autumn Abundance Challenge is now ON!!

Come to our eJAG (Etsy Jewelry Artist Guild) and vote for your favorite entry (of course I am there as #4, ahem, choke cough-shameless plug).

My entry shown below, was my first attempt at weaving, and what better to weave at this time of year, but a Cornucopia (a horn a plenty), filled with fruit, and spilling outward.

This is how our challenges work. Each Season our Guild has a challenge.The winner of the challenge not only gets featured in our Team's Public Blog; they also get to choose the theme of the next Season's Challenge (our next Challenge is the Winter Holiday Challenge). Then each participant uses their own personal style of creativity to invent a piece of jewelry to enter into that Challenge. Call it a "Chain Challenge," call it a contest that goes on and on; either way I always find it very exciting and I absolutely love making something that I have never done before (see my Spring Challenge entry in links section at the bottom of this article). I didn't enter the Summer Challenge this year, as I was busy with KT's famous wedding (link at bottom)!

But now I'm baaaack, to full productivity. I never try to do something I have already done, for me creativity always represents something new, otherwise it is not creativity applied.

My entry was quite fun to create. I could see it in my mind's eye. Of course, creating it was my difficulty as I have never attempted any weaving like this before. But I have lashed! In fact I can lash a whole house's worth of furniture! I guess one might say I can lash just about anything! Too bad I wasn't on Gilligan's Island, eh? :o) Last year I lashed spiderwebs everywhere and I even have some in my shop now.

I got my fruit beads from another Etsy Seller, Deb (RedArtPriductions), Red's Home for Vintage Beads, Cabs, and Supplies; something I always try to do, considering we are all striving to make ends meet in our little shops online, and I always try to buy from them first, if the items I need are available.

Please visit our team blog. It is a public blog, and there, everyone is allowed to vote for their favorite entry.

It is always fun to see what comes out of the minds of others, creatively speaking.

So come one, come all, stop in and visit, add a comment and if you would like to follow our blog feel free to click the follow button, and just like this blog, follow us in our ventures through our creative minds. And don't forget to vote! I sure could use the votes. :o)
Jewelry Artist's Guild

Links to look at:

Spring 2009 Challenge entry: Barren, Sticks and Stones

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Deb's Etsy shop (glass fruit) @ RedArtProductions: RedArtProductions

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

¡Oh, Dios mío, la bomba! Art Careers is Here!!!

Where the firs meet the ocean, and the rain and mists visit almost daily, we bring our beautiful artisan jewelry to you.

Here are some selected items from Sarahbushka's Art Career necklaces recently listed at our shop WiresNpliers.
Ummm, Black Bean Salsa
So spicy and so good,
Dipped on a chip
Or added to your food.
No matter how you use it
Add tomatoes, bright red and good
Jalapenos, beans, and onions
It warms you like it should.

¡Oh, Dios mío, la bomba!Aptly named, this necklace is “The Bomb.” There are no two ways about it. It’s the Bomb of necklaces! A choker length, color bar necklace.

An evening out on the town, or just to wear around the house, over your “little black dress” or an evening gown, this gorgeous necklace glows with elegance and charm no matter how it is worn.
Why, it can even be worn over nothing at all, but remember to put something on before you go out.

A nice Autumn necklace with shades of warmth and woods, together, with pearls in beautiful dark rose and cranberry colors; its long styling is appropriate for any season of the year.

Sarahbushka brings to you, more of her gorgeous colorful necklaces, including her Plain Jayne colorful beaded earrings at our Wires 'N Pliers site. Stop by for a visit and see our other items too. Beautiful Handmade 3 -piece Suregrip Breakaway beaded Lanyards for your ID badges, Metals bent and Battered (not deep fried), and rocks and gems to throw around, sometimes with chains attached, too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Art Careers Necklaces coming!

Twilight Night
Tribal Spirits

Sunset Woods

Of Grapes and Grey

Looks Like Candy!!
On Green Ice

Flying Dragon
Evening On The Veranda

¡ La Bomba !
Cinnamon Hot Shot

Celery and Greens
Black Bean Salsa

When Dolphins Dance

Sarahbushka's done it again!

Art Careers

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