Friday, November 13, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Holidays are just around the corner now....

Recent Fun New Holiday Items !

Different gauges of copper wire (14-24) have been shaped and formed into various Holiday iconic shapes, then hammered and hardened, before beads have been woven on to the edges.

Being that this is a new technique it is rather easy to see where improvement is needed when viewing an image.

Hehehe, but that's why I am here, right?

I can look through my past posts and see the progress I have made over the past few years; and with my new widget, I can show little thumbs at the ends of each post with internal links, and get there faster! How fun is that?

Anyway, here are my recent Holiday fun items:

Star of David *** Christmas Tree *** Angel

After shaping and hardening (and in the case of Magen David, soldering with my torch); I weave beads around and through the shapes in different methods depending upon the style.

Noel Bell *** Magen David star

I came across my stash of dismantled Swarovski Holiday crystal baubles all ready to go, only requiring the framework from which to hang, so they should also be showing up in the listings just in time for Holiday Shopping....
Oh, yes, I also embarked upon a hand forged (cold) Christmas Star with a black spider (Aranea sp.) orb web, that I wove last year, and if my teeny ecru spiders get here soon (being shipped right now), perhaps it might also be listed, for those of you on the darker side of the Holiday Spirit...and you know who you are... loving the Holidays, your way....
HolidayBlack Web Star

So that's probably all I will be doing for the Holidays, of course I always leave room open for the creative urges that I get, so something will always be in the works at this house. I am currently working on a custom piece, and after that plan to play with the Swarovski's and Black Web Star. (Hmm I like that name: "HolidayBlack Web Star")

Over and Out!

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