Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday thru Cyber Monday Deals

Welcome to the House of TorAbove are some of the items chosen for the Free Shipping sale!

Holiday Gifts and more...

We have chosen special items and placed them into a section devoted to our
Thanksgiving Thursday thru Cyber Monday Sale.
Not only are we are offering our special Holiday prices;

For our sale,
we are offering free shipping on every one of these chosen items,
and that means great savings for you!

click me

No refunds needed to be charged back through PayPal, just shop away and no shipping charges will ever be added to your total, as long as they are from the sale section.**

Just click on any one of these links and you will be whisked away to the Free Shipping section.

Wires 'n Pliers wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

and even more fun in their shopping flurry, the days afterward.

**It might be a good idea if purchasing from other sections to use 2 invoices, so as not to confuse the computers and receive any 2nd item charges on items that should be free (the computers are set up to automatically charge for the 2nd item.)


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