Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, My Ears Are Ringing! Earrings everywhere!

Pearl Twigs are back!
...among other things

After raiding my pearl stash I compiled several different color and style arrangements using 14/20 gold fill and sterling silver.

Some have crystals and some do not. One pair of Pearl Twigs are completely outside of the Box, the new Air Ladders, big and bold, some say they look like window blinds.
And then there's the pair that have no pearls at all!

"Juice" Aqua
Another new item added is "Chicken Scratch"

In my ongoing training, I have decided to try a new style, wrapping beads on frames. Here is a swirled design I made, then I wrapped one side with sparkling aqua aqua beads with a droplet hanging in the middle.
"Droplets in Copper" found in the 'Training Day' section at Etsy.

Well, that's it for now, nut here's a glimpe of what is coming next:

Ribbon Necklaces
oops, good thing this is only a preview, because the amazonite ribbon necklace is facing backward! Oh no!

brought to you by Wires 'n pliers

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