Friday, April 23, 2010

An Unexpected "Change Up"

Recently, I was given a project by a friend of mine. It is the type of project I love to do. My job would be to create a pair of earrings for her to give to her dear friend on her Birthday. I had full creative freedom so I got some information about her friend; her age range (let's get real here, we're all the same age after a certain point), and her 'style' and genre. Knowing her age group gave me a head start, especially since I have already seen a few style evolutions in my lifetime, so far.
After talking for a little bit, I started to form an image in my mind; I knew she had long hair, and I was seeing her as a free spirit, living and looking younger than her age, artistic and flowing with energy, probably a fan of 70's rock, natural products, and perhaps she has a dreamcatcher and crystals in various places within her home.

Astrologically speaking, I realized that her birthday, being late in the month of April, would mean that she was either an Aries, or a Taurus, like me.

  • (hmm red/orange) Loves purple. (hmmm) Aries: Ram, beautifully solid with grace, strength, lively, snappy, I picture: head first, leaning into the wind, with eyes not necessarily looking forward...and Taurus: Bull, like a heavy truck filled with stone, slow to get started off the line, but with each revolution that the wheels turn, exponentially, the power comes to light. The flowing arts, the female counterpart, like the beautiful and acknowledging passion twin of Aries, but Taurus, rather than the head down into the wind, the head is up, with eyes turned to the sides, always watching to see what will happen next. Both, incredibly strong, and unmatched by others, one with a forward force and momentum, the other as stubborn, and hesitant as they come. Both creatively endowed with strong flowing energy.

Ok, enough of that.

So now I knew her genre, her age group, her style, and possibly having perceived a teensy bit of her personality; the most important thing of all; what I had learned so far, was her favorite color and the length of her hair and how she wears it (something always important to keep in mind when making earrings).

All if this from our short and simple conversation. It is very obvious that my friend holds her in the highest esteem, so I wanted both to be as pleased as I could possibly make them.


I already knew I wanted amethyst as the main stone, I knew I wanted something long and freely flowing, (like her hair) in white metals (silver), and I wanted some sparkle, but not manmade, unless it were to be accent items. I did not want glass, and nothing too heavy with all that I visualized.

Then I found the "entree" stones, 2 natural teardrop amethysts, translucent, and complete with growth rings and their internal crystallography visible, and to them I added some grape colored microfaceted round amethyst briolettes, my new blade* pearls and some sterling silver balls.

I took some time and looked at the pieces until I started to 'see' (ok not really, I was actually starting to see the earrings in my mind as soon as I found the blade pearls), I just didn't draw them out for a couple of days. My mind's image turned out to be pretty good, too. One drawing and I was ready to start.

I made the earrings, but had to stop to make the earwires as they were "hard wired" to the amethysts. They came out beautifully, and right on schedule so that my friend could deliver them just prior to leaving for vacation.

I told my friend, in parting, that the earrings came with one free retrofit, since I made them from a blank mind, and only on what I had perceived from someone's words.

You know, sometimes our words are heard in higher places in addition to being heard right in front of us.


I told you that, to tell you this: Even when one thinks they know most of what they need to know, the inevitable can still happen.

Her ears weren't pierced.

...but she had plans:
Her desire: to incorporate these earrings into a pendant necklace.

I love a predicament. I think that is when I do my best. So we made arrangements to meet and discuss what should be done.

I have additional (and larger pieces) of the beautiful amethyst, which would make a large and very nice pendant, so I brought them along including some other stones like jasper and sugilite, along with chain samples, and I wore another necklace that I had previously made, showing one of the chains "in action."

She wanted to stay with the two original stones, briolettes and everything, as it was, while creating it as a pendant (are you starting to picture this yet?). good.

So I gathered my things and came home, and commenced to start my work.

Far Out Hippie

May your nacre blades freely swing fore and aft, whilst they guard the gem that lies below,

Your Spirit

~0~ ~0~


*watch for the "Pearl Diving at the Gem Faire" post to come in the near future, where BladePearls will be discussed.

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