Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lotsa Lanyards ~ The Breakaway

Is it Jewelry? Is it a Lanyard? Why, it's both!
Rare Earth Butterfly Lanyard

3 piece design, in a breakaway lanyard with Sure Grip connnections, and heavy duty magnetic clasps.

Golden Picasso Lanyard

Do you wear an ID tag or a pass card everyday? A badge, or a key card?

Fade To Black

Beautiful handmade beaded lanyards. For a member, a crew, or departmental ID badge.
A Holiday gift for your employee team.

Pearly Girlie Autism Awareness Lanyard

Many individuals work in professions that require that they wear ID badges, key cards, or passes in full view on their person daily.

Firefly Autism Awareness Lanyard

Many professions that require ID cards or badges, also require that any cordage worn be of a Breakaway styling for safety reasons.

Benny's Beaver Nation

While ornamental magnetic clasps are cute, cute is not our goal with our Breakaway magnetic clasp system. We would rather trade power for pretty, function for frivolity, and deliver a stronger, more reliable lanyard, while delivering a seamless beautiful beading pattern.

All About Blues, Beautiful Blues

Even though we have traded pretty for power, our heavy duty magnetic clasp is a special magnet, called a Rare Earth also known as a Neodymium Iron Boron magnets (NdFeB Grade N40) much stronger than a regular ornamental magnetic clasps available.

Our SureGrip finger control is a wire wrapped component with matching beads that offer metal connnections at the magnet, adding longevity to the lifespan of your lanyard.

While our lanyards fit comfortably over your head, sometimes it is inappropriate, and our SureGrip wire wrap will withstand the attaching and reattaching daily, where normal beading line might fail after aperiod of time.


All of our Lanyards are made with in a "Breakaway" style, with reinforced wire wrapped SureGrip finger control and magnetic clasps, in addition to being strung on Beadalon 49 strand .015 or .018 cordage.

All come made with a plastic snapping card holder, though a lobster claw or swivel hook clasp, or split ring is available upon request.
Patriot Firefly

Clear plastic sleeve will also come with your lanyard with your choice of a vertical or horizontal positioning.

Lanyards can be special ordered in groups and team colors, too! Lanyards can be made in any length desired, including standard necklace lengths.
For each lanyard purchased, a $5.00 donation will be made to (Autism Rocks!) in the name of the buyer.
  • Please use safe practices when handling Neodymium Magnets and remember that magnets and pacemakers do not mix.

Some of the above images above show magnetic clasps

prior to retrofitting with Rare Earth magnets.

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