Friday, September 10, 2010


WiresNpliers says: Don't forget the dudes..... Why shouldn't men be able to shop for neck wear that isn't a silk noose that has to be worn over a dress shirt?
Men and dudes should be able to shop as easily as women and dude-ettes.
So here are some Dudes torcs, some beaded neckwear primarily focused for the Dudes in your fam.
"Dark Spectrum"

Dark Spectrum is genuine Black Onyx neck wear with colored spacer beads separated by brass washers, and set with 14k findings.


Fang incorporates a nice fang of green Agate which happens to have a red tip at the end off the fang. Matte tube beads are separated by copper washers and grass green African trade beads and this neck piece has a copper Sister Clasp which means it has two sides that overlap to form a very solid connection!


He is for heishi (He-She) which is coconut shell carved into beads. Wood, bone, and even lava and possibly resin (red beads) has been added to this interesting Islander style neck torc. Brass washers separate the smooth curved dark wooden beads from heishi beads, and carved white donuts surround the brown lava beads and this masculine piece has 14k gold fill findings including a 14mm squeeze style lobster claw clasp.

"Blue Krobos"

Blue Krobos has a unique bead in the front, a sand glass bead made by hand, by the Krobos peoples in Africa,. It is a method of using ground sand poured into a mold and a cassava leaf is rolled up and put through the midsection and when flame is applied the glass melts and the leaf burns away leaving a hole for stringing. This particular bead is almost a coke bottle blue green. The neck wear is created around this bead of cobalt blue tubular shaped beads separated by silvery washers and interesting glow-from-within turquoise beads. The clasp is lobster claw style.
Next up, wiresNpliers will be have an earring extravaganza: easy care, easy wear, and best of all low prices to carry through the Fall and Holiday seasons.

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