Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've opted In to ArtFire!

I have had an account at ArtFire account since April, but had never really used it. I did have a couple of items listed, but had never really marketed the account.
Soft Spring Pastel Pearl Earrings
The reason being that most of my stock has been listed at, and at 1000Markets a juried site that was very elegant, and the best part was that every seller had to be accepted, which was very nice because it kept out some of the riff raff that Etsy and other sellers have when it comes to vintage items. Well, 1000Markets just let all of ite sellers know that they had just made an agreement to join another site, giving us all the availability to migrate over to it.
So I prepared my shop items and when prompted I imported them to the new site which had recently renamed itself Bonanza. The shop name (called a booth) at Bonanza is Clayhouse.

SeaFoam Necklace
Then I turned back to ArtFire. ArtFire has done the best thing they could have done . They have been in beta mode for quite a while and to celebrate their launch thy have opted to give a lifetime monthly very low rate, and after seeing the rate I realized that I pay more than that each month at Etsy, already! And it just so happened that this all occured at the same time that 1000Markets closed down. Priceless....

Text ColorCatedral Rose, rosary wrapped Necklace
ArtFire has no listing fees, and no final fees! Their low monthly rate is all one pays. Of course their basic rate is completely free, the Pro accounts with monthly rates pay for the basic free accounts offered. However the basic free account do not get the tools nor the exposure that the Pro Accounts get.

The Harvest, floating gemstone necklace
So I opted in!

And what happened? I got 2 sales right off the bat, even before the Opt In promo begins which just so happens to be tomorrow 10/1/10 (rather today, since it is now 12:25AM).

CarnelianTeardrops SeaFoam Earrings
So I am happy. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be a Pro Member. So I have a lot of work to do. And then I have a custom order to make some earrings!
I am really looking forward to this coming set of Holiday Seasons!
All of the items in this posting are from the new wiresNpliers shop at

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