Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get a Spine, and get your "Read On."

Bibliophile, Do you love reading books? The Hard Copy version?

Book Jewelry is here!
That's right, pagemarkers also known as Bookmarkers.

Jewelry adornment and more, for your books, for the bibliophiles out in the real world, that still like to hold a spine in their hand!


This is a conglomeration of page markers offered this year at wiresNpliers Etsy and ArtFire. All are handmade, cold forged, wire wrapped, and all of copper and other neat things.

I list ready-made pagemarker bookmarks at Etsy and for the Custom work, I list at ArtFire. Here is a sampling of the handmade, cold forged, beautiful and very useful bookmarks that I made. Most have been sold by now, but there is still a small assortment at, and of course, I will always customize and/or create something especially for you, if you prefer.

So here we go:

Like my page marker bookmarks? Let's talk. contact me, and know that while in most cases I can replicate a design, I will purposely create every bookmark to be unique, a one of a kind with no intended duplication, unless a matched set is what you seek.

I am reachable by the "contact me" at either shop below:

~~~~ ~~~~~~ ArtFire

Thanks for visiting my little blog today.
Get a Spine.
Get your read on.

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