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Sarahbushka's Art Careers, New Additions

Sarahbushka and her Art Careers!

New and Beautiful Necklaces

now offered at

Sarabushka has been very busy lately. She has been hard at work every Monday creating new and beautiful styles of beaded necklaces. Below are some of her newest designs now offered at our wiresNpliers shop (! Clicking each picture will take you directly to its own listing at our "Art Career Sarahbushka section" of our wiresNpliers shop.

Static Red
Looks like a solid red conversation heart, added to the teeny static seedbeads of red and black in no particular order what-so-ever.

A "challenged" necklace of all blue furnace caned glass, a beautiful style of glassmaking. Solid blue and encased blue caned furnace glass have been patterned together. This necklace called "challenged" because during photography, it was noted that somehow a dark blue caned furnace glass bead with a chipped corner, got beaded onto this necklace. Like people, one can always find disabled among us! But then isn't that why Sarahbushka makes these beautiful necklaces? It is proof, that even the challenged, can still have beauty and functionality.

Pretty hematite (or hemolyte) rings have been strung all in pink and black shades and in the front center ride these beautiful rings, each of which carries a pretty pale pink faux pearl. Upon closer inspection you can see that tiny seend beads fill every bit of the gap between each pale pink pearl and its corresponding ring. This was an exceptionally hard necklace for Sarahbushka, and she actually needed help with the ring stringing, something unusual for her.

Rocky Road
Beautiful graduated black disks stand vertically alone this necklace. In between the disks, Sarahbushka has placed alternate shades of turquoise and sage green matte beads bordered by black and white seed beads. In the front of this pretty necklace are three composite turquoise beads, in the same shades as the remainder of the necklace and these beautiful beads are the source of Sarahbushka's choice of bead colors when creating this Rocky Road necklace.

Red Chameleon
If you like Chameloens, you'll love this cute red, orange, yellow, black and white necklace. Wound glass in varying shapes and shades have been patterned into a suspended bead style, each bordered by a black charlotte bead and patterned in between by the warm yellow, orange, and red sets of beads. This necklace has a definite Southwestern "look" to its style. A cute wire wrapped polymer clay Chameleon hangs as a pendant in the front. And of course, a Chameleon always takes on the shades of the background it sits in near, as a camoflage effect for its own protection from predators.

Pretty Pearl
Violet and white baroque (or potato) pearls have been beaded in a suspended style also called tin cup styling. Small silver seed beads fill the gap between each pearl. This necklace is a perfect sweater length, between a matiness length and an opera length at just over 24".

Dark Acorn
Acorn styling, a dark metallic bead inside a bumpy bead cap, this necklace hangs from a beaded chain with suspended styling. The stations are pretty dark green metallic tube beads bordered by hematite colored seed beads with short twisted black bugle beads in between.

Happy Day
Caned into a log style then sliced to show the unique and well thought out pattern, this polymer clay Happy Sun (Sol) is framed by a series of pretty muted blues, mint greens, deep reds, and more. An interesting and well made design featuring a keen eye for detail, can be seen upon close inspection. Sarahbushka chose this pendant for the focal point of her necklace and matched the main shades of mint green, muted blue, deep red, and yellows in her patterned beading chain.

Golden Shore
Muted carnation pink, rose, golds, bronze, and coppery shades
all come together to add a nice blend of shades to this necklace featuring golden orange Mabe Pearls in graduating sizes. This necklace is uber long (31") making it a full opera length by design.

A gorgeous painted porcelain center bead with what appears to be a blue poppy on it, hangs as a wire wrapped pendant with a swirl at the bottom. Sarahbushka has created her beaded chain from blues, yellows, and transparent beads which match the colors on the pendant bead.

Double Peacock
Black peacock (iridescent) shades have been featured with offsetting blues in metallics and transparent beads in this unique double strand necklace created by Sarahbushka. Black peacock nacre pieces were strategically placed on each strand, three on the bottom strand and one on the top strand. A mix of bead shapes in iridescent colors ranging from reds, greens, golds, and violet each based on the black undertones make this a very dark and gothic styled necklace; a perfect choice for an evening out, especially when worn over black velvet.

Shades of red and pink are patterned with round white potato pearls in a tin cup styled suspended bead necklace. The pink bead "finishes" range from pearlized shades to clear pink lined transparent shades, and cranberry red beads border each pearl and centered in the midst of each section.

Kukui, 4 U
Reds, oranges and some silver are the many shades in a Hawaiian style necklace that has an organic pendant at the front and bottom of this uber long necklace. To find out more about the Hawaiian Kukui nut pendant I beg you to read the description in the listing. The beads are a blend of firepolished lampwork beads, wound glass, pressed glass and there's even some genuine lava beads!

Cafe, Cup of the Best
Yellow brown red and black are the shades of Sarahbushka's cafe necklace, and believ me, Sarahbushka loves her coffee! The colors of this necklace are reminiscent of South American shades and the beaded pendant looks like a giant coffee bean, although it is actually a tumbled agate or a polished jasper. Black matte beads with yellow, red, and white stripes are spaced along the beaded chain of patterned bright sunshine yellow, red, and gray beads. The pendant is a large bead of brown lampwork glass with a white spiral stringer beaded in a way that holds the above mentioned oblong stone, the pseudo "coffee" bean.

►●What is Art Careers?

Sarahbushka is an Artist with Autism & developmental disabilities, who strings beaded necklaces at her "Art Careers" Class, through our local center for developmentally disabled and special needs persons.

"Art Careers" is a source of beauty and expression; when one realizes that all of the art culminates from the minds of the students; folks that oftentimes cannot express their views and thoughts as others can.

"Art Careers" consists of Jewelry Making through the beading of necklaces, lanyards, and more, with some students currently in the beginning stages of training with metalworking and making charm bracelets.

It is our hope that the world can see that everyone has something to offer, no matter what they are challenged with daily.

Sarahbushka's "Art Careers" Necklaces are now being offered at Wires 'n Pliers alongside her own line of "Sarahbushka" & "Plain Jayne" jewelry!

Stop by and visit our "Art Careers Sarahbushka" section, where she proudly presents her beautiful beaded classroom jewelry, as more are introduced periodically!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Treasury Saturday! Beautiful Coppers

Collection. Conduit. Copper.
Minimus No.6 Do Re Mi

AbjCreations has created this all copper Treasury and it has some beautiful picks from the Etsy Artists. AbjCreations comes to from Montana and one look at her shop and you just know she loves flowers. She incorporates flowers into many of her jewelry creations. She paints, enjoys needle crafts, mosaics, paper crafting and working with polymer and precious metal clay. She also enjoys vintage jewelry, repurposing and upcycling items into unique and unpredictable art. AbjCreations is not her only shop, she also has willowglendrive, a destash and her whimsical and vintage items.

Along with my copper Treble Clef Pendant Abj has chosen 15 other gorgeous copper items. Click on the Treasury to see it close up.

To see AbjCreations shops, simply click on any of her highlighted shop names and you will be magically transported right to them.

To view my Minimus No 6. Do Re Mi Treble Clef copper pendant simply click on the image (or the Do Re Mi) and you will find your self at the listing.
Have a great weekend!

And the rain pours on... Another Gorgeous Treasury!

Trump These Hearts
Lovelies for the Queen of Hearts

Oh, The Drama, The Drama

by Sarabushka

This beautiful treasury was created by Etsian PullinToo (also know by: Blaine and Rebecca Pullin) and PullinToo is a supply and destash shop, with charms and sewing notions and great prices. This shop is an addition to several other shops at Etsy, one being called "Rabbittude" (Art, Jewelry...for the love of bunnies!), and AsianFlair a jewelry shop that has, of course, Jewelry in addition to bookmarks, beads, art prints and keychains. One of my favs, is their love for the pitcher plant (I think their's is a Sarracenia, here in Oregon we have the Cobra Lily, "Darlingtonia" also of the Sarracenia family but a bit different in appearance, having a hooded top). They also have some lovely lady slipper pictures (Cypripedium orchids, I believe) and we have them here too; teeny little violet and white wild orchids in our forests, that peek through the natural spaghnum moss growing in the sun spots on the forest floor at the base of our towering Douglas Firs. Funny how species are spread all over but appear different depending upon the locality.

Check out Duane and Rebecca's shops, they have cross links to transport you back and forth between their locations.

And while you are at it, there are 15 other Stars in this Treasury that all have shops filled with wonderful items to peruse!

Click to see Sarahbushka's necklace in the above image.
Click to see wiresNpliers

Many thanks to Blaine and Rebecca for including Sarahbushka in their lovely Treasury.

Friday, February 4, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours 2 ~ another Treasury!

He Remembers Her Eyes of Blue
Createability Team

Sarahbushka is the Star this time, with her "Splash: A Challenged Necklace!"
She has her Splash necklace included in a treasury with 15 other "Stars" compiled by Createability Team's member: Sunny Plain Quilting


You can see this beautiful Treasury up close, just by clicking the Treasury image above, and of course you can also click on any Sunny Plain Quilting you see, and you will go directly to Deborah's shop where you will find beautiful hand made and beautifully sewn quilted items and more, including her wreaths, fabric letterheads, envelopes and even some gorgeous handkerchief stationary. Oh! and she sews aprons, too! Check out her shop! And I have found that Deborah also has some clothing and of course her quilts (ooh La La), including a flannel quilt! How toasty warm does that sound during our blizzardy winter?

Clicking on Sarahbuska's Splash necklace will transport you to her Art Careers Sarahbushka section of our shop, where Sarahbushka has her gallery nook located!

Click to go directly to "Splash"
Click to go to wiresNpliers

What Can I Say? When it Rains, It Pours.....

My Golden Honey Drops earrings have been featured in Etsian's Treasury: "Elegant Luster" by Elaina Louise Studios

You can view Elaina Lousie Studios by clicking on her shop name anywhere in this post, and you can view her lovely Treasury by just clicking on the actual treasury image!
...and of course, if you click on the Golden Honey Drop Earrings you will be whisked away to my shop, wiresNpliers

Happy Friday everyone!

Yay! Another Collection! Honey, Look Outside! It's Snowing In Texas!!

Douglas Fir Under Snow
Woodtique Pearl Twigs
A new Collection, a snowy collection called "Honey, Look Outside! It's Snowing In Texas" a look at our Blizzard 2011, has just been posted at ArtFire and my "Doug Fir under Snow" Woodtique Pearl Twig earrings were included! Yay! This beautiful Collection was posted by ArtFire's Artist: Jewels2aT

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Front Page At!!!!

Our ArtFire Collection from January 24th "Brandy and Cognac" made it to ArtFire's Front Page on Jan 27th, (6:12 a.m. PST)!!!
Gotta love it!!!

And these earrings are the ones in the collection:

awwww, my first Front Page!