Friday, February 4, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours 2 ~ another Treasury!

He Remembers Her Eyes of Blue
Createability Team

Sarahbushka is the Star this time, with her "Splash: A Challenged Necklace!"
She has her Splash necklace included in a treasury with 15 other "Stars" compiled by Createability Team's member: Sunny Plain Quilting


You can see this beautiful Treasury up close, just by clicking the Treasury image above, and of course you can also click on any Sunny Plain Quilting you see, and you will go directly to Deborah's shop where you will find beautiful hand made and beautifully sewn quilted items and more, including her wreaths, fabric letterheads, envelopes and even some gorgeous handkerchief stationary. Oh! and she sews aprons, too! Check out her shop! And I have found that Deborah also has some clothing and of course her quilts (ooh La La), including a flannel quilt! How toasty warm does that sound during our blizzardy winter?

Clicking on Sarahbuska's Splash necklace will transport you to her Art Careers Sarahbushka section of our shop, where Sarahbushka has her gallery nook located!

Click to go directly to "Splash"
Click to go to wiresNpliers

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