Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Collection from AJG A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Dee has made a beautiful gift guide of Mother's Day items, for an early start to one of my favorite days! I love Mother's Day because I get waited on, hand and foot, by my family.
Twelve artists have their items shared in this guide and I was lucky enough to have one of my items shared here, too!

Sticks and Stones

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dee Hausker's Done It Again!

Hot Spring Pink Earrings

Dee Hausker at ArtFire's All Wired Up TOO has created a lovely Hot Spring Pink Earring Collection at ArtFire!

Dee has collected 12 members with Pink Earrings from Artisan Jeweler Guild for her member curated Collection, and it is to die for! These are some of the most beautiful earrings made by the lovely artisans in our group! And I am included in her picks! (blush blush)

Dee has a shop at ArtFire, called All Wired Up TOO, and wired up, it truly is! Her style and abilities are to be some of the best I have seen. Her coiled wraps on her bracelets are stunning and she wire wraps cabachons, makes earrings, she beads and she even incorporates fibers in to her beautiful jewelry! One of my favs is her OH Goddess Kumihimo necklace....

Oh.. and did I mention that Dee also saws and cuts her own stones???? She's a Lapidarist! She does it all. Give her a rock and she will produce a gem! How many women can do that? Hmmm?
Dee also has an All Wired Up TOO blog and she runs the ArtFire Jeweler Guild Blog both of which are great reads. Soon you'll be able to read our Bio's at the AJG blog, as more start to show up. Mine is in the works, as soon as I get a spare moment (like, when do I get a spare moment??) Either way, check out Dee's shop, and her blog but first, take a look at her gorgeous ArtFire Collection Hot Spring Pink Collection before you do anything else!

Pink Ghost
My "Pink Ghost" pink chalcedony and tanzanite earrings. Ok, you have to get really close to see the faceted tanzanite crystal beads, but they're there riding above and below this pair of pretty natural pink faceted chalcedony stones. The earrings are sterling silver, cold forged, and hardwired onto my own handmade earwires. Chalcedony (the metamorphic form of quartz) is one of my favorite stones, with pink and yellow being my colors of choice. But an icy blue will always catch my eye, as will some of the blended shades that almost seem to alter colors depending upon what sits side by side to them.

Thanks Dee!
Ooh, See my new website!
It's the real deal!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Etsy Treasury - Shades of Early Spring

Etsian: AriadnesCreations has included one of my items in her beautiful treasury Shades Of Early Spring:

Ariadnes Creations is the name of a Mom and daughter shop (Beverly and Abbie), at Etsy.com. They moved from England to Canada several years and have taken up beading. Their work is beautiful: strung beads, some wire wrapping, and also some extensive work in seed bead weaving, all very beautiful, very colorful and well presented. Stop by and look at their shop. I am sure that you'll find something that catches your eye!

This beautiful Treasury includes the work from 16 different artists, each of which were chosen by AriadnesCreations for their rendition of "Early Spring" inspiration!
Pearl Wings
The item AriadnesCreations chose for their lovely Treasury from my shop are the Earrings I named "Pearl Wings." Aptly named because the wings are actually fresh water creamy white, stick blade pearls, that have been angle drilled at the top end and when strung hang downward at a 45 degree angle. I used 3 pearls per earring and at the bottom of each set I included an antique faceted crystal, both of each approximately 8mm in size, and old enough that each one has taken on a slight antiquity shade on its own. Each set hangs on hand made sterling, torch balled (not by me) head pins and have been wire "wrapped" on silver plated leverback earrings. $14

Many thanks to Beverly and Addie for including my Pearl Wings in their lovely Etsy Shades of Early Spring Treasury!

ArtFire Collection: Sticks and Stones

ArtFire's Artist StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 has featured my necklace (Barren) in one of her beautiful Curated Collections!
~Sticks and Stones~

Ronnye and Stephanie have been beading and knitting for years, and they have a very nice background story at their ArtFire shop that is worthy of a good read if you happen to stop by and peruse their shop. They have beautifully strung necklaces and wirewrapped earring jewelry and their knitting is gorgeous. Just click on the StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 name above and you will be whisked away on my magic carpet, and taken directly to their shop at ArtFire!

Copper (4gauge) was pounded, bent and battered, then artfully etched and woodscaped by hand using cold chisels and punches, until it appeared like a piece of old dead wood. Then it was scorched several times as if from lightning storms and forest fires. Finally, it was tumbled as though the rainstorms had washed it to the lowest section of the forest where it lay resting in the riverstones of granite.
This necklace has been polished and protected with Renassaince Wax, and a rolo chain with additional granite beads was attached with one of my handmade hook clasps, and garnished with several bronze colored beads.

A big Thank You is expressed to Ronnye and Stephanie for including us in their beautiful curated Collection at ArtFire! Stop in and see both of our shops if you have a chance!