Sunday, March 6, 2011

ArtFire Collection: Sticks and Stones

ArtFire's Artist StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 has featured my necklace (Barren) in one of her beautiful Curated Collections!
~Sticks and Stones~

Ronnye and Stephanie have been beading and knitting for years, and they have a very nice background story at their ArtFire shop that is worthy of a good read if you happen to stop by and peruse their shop. They have beautifully strung necklaces and wirewrapped earring jewelry and their knitting is gorgeous. Just click on the StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 name above and you will be whisked away on my magic carpet, and taken directly to their shop at ArtFire!

Copper (4gauge) was pounded, bent and battered, then artfully etched and woodscaped by hand using cold chisels and punches, until it appeared like a piece of old dead wood. Then it was scorched several times as if from lightning storms and forest fires. Finally, it was tumbled as though the rainstorms had washed it to the lowest section of the forest where it lay resting in the riverstones of granite.
This necklace has been polished and protected with Renassaince Wax, and a rolo chain with additional granite beads was attached with one of my handmade hook clasps, and garnished with several bronze colored beads.

A big Thank You is expressed to Ronnye and Stephanie for including us in their beautiful curated Collection at ArtFire! Stop in and see both of our shops if you have a chance!



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