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It's Autism Awareness Month!

It's that time of year again! April is Autism Awareness Month. This year at wiresNpliers I have made a combination of items related to Autism Awareness which includes a necklace, 5 bracelets and 4 SureGrip breakaway lanyards.

First we'll start with the necklace:

Autism Awareness Firefly Necklace
This necklace incorporates Firefly* beads and blackened sterling silver rolo chain, together with an autism puzzle piece. The necklace is segmented, with groups of Firefly beads in the traditionally recognized colors of the Autism Spectrum: yellow, red, light, and dark blue. Two sides complete this necklace which join together in the front, at the wire wrapped puzzle piece. A chain hangs from each side to the puzzle piece, one longer than the other, and both with Autism Firefly beads and a bright silver bead at the bottom. I enjoy mixing bright silver with blackened silver as I feel it adds pizazz to the darkened effect. I also made the "S" clasp and hard-wired it to the chain, and the necklace has an extender chain complete with a Firefly bead and another bright silver bead at the tip.

*Firefly beads are silver lined transparent beads no.6, which have an etched or matte finish. This finish creates a bead that shines from within, as a firefly glows. These beads at one time were very rare, but they are slowly becoming more popular. I have made Firefly Autism lanyards that are quite popular, with my customers including custom lanyards created specifically for certain individuals. Whenever I find a new shade of Firefly bead I grab it up as they make a very unique effect in jewelry items.

The FireFly Bracelets

All of the bracelets this year were made with FireflyBeads, because

like our autistic individuals,

they glow from within.

First, the Autism Spectrum of colors all lined up with pretty sterling silver granulated spacers separating each color group. A simple, yet bright and glowing bracelet, I also decided to add a pretty faceted 8x6mm Swiss Blue Topaz, in a bezel setting.

Autism Awareness in Basic Black. This time I lined up the Firefly beads but instead of just using sterling silver granulated spacers, I decided to add a color that isn't usually seen with the Autism Spectrum shades. 6mm Black Onyx beads were used for separation between the Firefly beads along with the sterling silver granulated spacers. I also added a sterling silver tag that I punched an Autism puzzle piece upon, and it hangs from a violet anodized** niobium ring next to the clasp.

Autism Awareness in a warm copper glow. My next bracelet has the Firefly beads arranged a little differently, in that one of each color sits side by side in each grouping, which has been encompassed within coppery bead caps. Each set has been separated with a coppery ball bead, and a wire wrapping has been added for the loop that the clasp hooks onto. A sterling silver tags also hangs connected by a black niobium jump ring from just below the clasp.

Autism Awarreness can be in Gunmetal too! This cute bracelet was made similar to the basic black bracelet, only this time I used genuine 6mm hematite beads instead of onyx, as separators between the Firefly beads. Each hematite bead also has the sterling silver granulated spacer beads on each side, and the sterling silver puzzle piece punched tag hangs from a black niobium jump ring. The metal components on this bracelet are all in a gunmetal shade to match the hematite, too!

Pearly Girly Autism Awareness: This bracelet I purposely made larger because there is always someone who likes a longer style that hangs freely. The autism spectrum colored beads on this bracelet are separated by pretty teardrop creamy white freshwater pearls which stand out, away from the bracelet when worn. The sterling silver granulated spacers are also included on this bracelet, as is the punched puzzle piece tag, which hangs from an aqua colored anodized** niobium jump ring, just below the clasp.

**Anodized niobium- Niobium is a very strong metal with a hypoallergenic quality, that can be worn without allergic reactions even by most allergic individuals. In its natural form, it is a gunmetal or darkened gray color, but the unique thing about niobium is that when electrical current is applied, it changes colors on the outside surface! I have a collection of anodized wire that I make into ear wires and other items for my customers with delicate skin that cannot wear most metals.

Lotsa Lanyards

Clinical lanyards with a SureGrip breakaway style with neodymium magnetic clasps. All Lotsa Lanyards are a 3 piece design (two sides and a tag) made for strength and wearability, while relieving the wear and tear that occurs at the tag end of standard one piece linear lanyards. All are double crimped on both sides, top and bottom, and have wire wrapped SureGrip connection clasps. All Lanyards also have crimp covers and wire guardians to protect the beading line from stress.

This group:

Earth Elements

Fire! Fire, the element of strength, heat, and fiery energy, this lanyard incorporates beautifully large 13x15mm Czech glass in an amber shade, and Swarovski crystals and Czech spacers and black beads that separate them all. The Swarovski beads all line up as though they are fire, from red (light siam), fire opal (swarovski's bicolor red/yellow), lemon, and even white hot (clear) crystals. This lanyard has been made with 14/20 gold fill.


Earth, the nurturer, the grower, the grounded, and earthen source. This earthy lanyard has a mixture of beautifully hand carved red onyx, Chroust Hurricane beads, warm Golden Czech glass beads and some pretty brown cowrie shell beads, all in coppery shades of metals. The tag and SureGrip clasp connections have been made from dark rose anodized niobium for strength and a good match for the copper components.

Water! Water, the juice of life, nourishes all the grows. This pretty lanyard includes a mixture of little white Swarovski Crystal pearls, silver Czech beads, navy Firefly beads, turquoise rondells, sparkling aqua accent beads, lime green Cats Eye (fiberoptic) beads, farfalle beads and the focal beads: Beautiful genuine Paua doublet beads. All metals on this lanyard are sterling silver.

Air, the life giver that breathes into us daily, that carries scent, pollen, insects, and so many other things, unseeable, untouchable, unless it is graced with something that gives it form. This Lanyard has a blend of muted and basic shades the most colorful being the smoky lampwork beads and the vitral (as in metallic rainbow finish, like gasoline on water) beads, combined with crystal clear farfalle beads, icy clear Swarovski crystals, gunmetal beads, gray Firefly beads and some gorgeous beautiful 8mm hematite beads.

  • Because April is Autism Awareness month, every one of these items in this post comes with an automatic donation in the buyers name to

KindTree Productions is a non Profit org that specializes in promoting awareness, treatment, and social/community integration. Check them out, just click on the KindTree Productions name and you will be whisked to their site.

And of course anytime a Lotsa Lanyard is purchased a donation is automatically made in the buyers name, all year long.

Thank you for sharing in Autism Awareness Month!


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