Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a Challenge! A Mother's Day Challenge!

ArtFire's Artisan Jeweler Guild is having a Challenge right now on our blog. This is a Mother's Day challenge and a group of us have each submitted a piece of our jewelry for this challenge.

While I don't expect to win, because let's face it, I am but a novice compared to a lot of the artists in the Artisan Jeweler Guild, but the exposure is more than worth the feeling of defeat, and in reality, there is no defeat involved at all, just a reason to up the ante on my abilities, and that is good.

My entry is from my Minimus line:
Minimus No 8. Tendrils and Ringlets
Tendrils curve back and forth gracefully downward, ending in ringlets, at their bottoms.
In shades of copper, like the golden warmth of titian tresses of Rapunzel's locks they cascade gracefully, into the little flattened ringlets. Raw copper, cold forged, with little flattened rings at the bottom that flip in the breeze, just like real curls that lift when the wind blows. My handmade brown anodized niobium ear wires have been added, with copper balls, are perfect for ears that are sensitive (or not), and they latch in the back, too!
These earrings are uber long, coming in at a glorious 3.25" and they will look great no matter what the length of hair they ride under.

Come and vote! Just click the image at the top of the page and you will be whisked away to the blog where you will find the Challenge!

Happy Mother's Day!

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