Thursday, April 7, 2011

New ArtFire Collection: For The Love of Copper

We've been included in a new Collection at ArtFire!

For The Love of Copper

Twelve wonderful pieces of copper art!

FeistyGirlsDesigns is a collaborative shop of Mom and daughter where experience and youth play together to create a unique perspective on design lines, bold opinions and attitude, all of which visibly shines through in their work. Stop by their shop and take a look at their wire bending and twisting and other "wire taming" abilites they share! I think my favorite item is this cute inverted set of twirls that they weaved together called Copper Twirly Wind or Breeze Pendant. I especially like the off-shade of the weave that holds them together. The effect grabs my eye and holds it, as the two unlikely textures appear unrelated, yet in my brain I realize that I probably would not have noticed the perspective had they been woven in copper! I also enjoy the texture that their hammering imprinted in the pendant.

Copper Twirly Wind Pendant

I thank FeistyGirlDesigns for including my Copper Swirl earrings in their lovely Collection! These are fun earrings to make, that I can create in just about any size. . This pair incorparates andalusite one of my favorite colorshifting stones, which shows a different shade as the angle of view changes. Listed in my Art Fire Shop.

I Love Andalusite~Sold 4/6/11~ Thank you FGDs!

My most recent Swirl was a custoom copper pair about an inch long, where the requested stone was to be light pink with a white pearl, so I made them with 4mm rhodochrosite beads that hung inside the frame and I used oval creamy white FW pearls above the frames which connected the frames to dark rose anodized Niobium handmade ear wires.

Here are two other Swirls I have made but havent listed yet.

Chandeliers *~* Swirly Stars



Alison said...

Thank you so much for including my shop and Swirly Pendant in your blog! You said such nice things about them that mirror my own thoughts. I love the contrasting wires, too. And the stones in your earrings are so neat in that while they change colors they almost look like Citrine at first in the picture which was my mother's absolute favorite stone. Her favorite color was Orange and I always thought that was silly but I agree with her more and more as time goes by! :-)
Thank you again!

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