Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Treasury of Natural Father's Day Gifts, by Hand Painted Petals

A Father's Day Treasury of gift giving has been created by Hand Painted Petals and a group of 16 chosen artists each featuring an item that would make any Father happy on his special day!

Sheryl chose two necklaces, one being “Fang,” a dude's necklace and the other from Etsy’s jennyhoople “Chocolate Surf,” both looking like they were made with the water-borne surf-rider in mind, OK a big handsome dude that surfs, and walks out of the ocean carrying his board and all dripping wet…

Along with Fang and Chocolate Surf, Sheryl has added an assortment of items, from a key holder, to a briefcase, a clock, wallet, shaving soap, pet grooming items, some art work, scarves (one of which I crave to be mine), and even some chocolates. So be sure to visit or steer the guy in your life, towards this Treasury and take note of where their eyes linger, so you can get an early start on your Father’s day gift list. Just click the image of the Sheryl's Treasury and you will be whisked right to her Treasury, but don't for get to come back for more fun information here at wiresNpliers.

About Hand Painted Petals:
Hand Painted Petals comes to Etsy from the regional area of Austin, TX.

Sheryl is a Floral Artist, and embarked upon this career when she had a need to release her creative energy, discovering the lines, the curves and aspects of flowers; with the rose being one of her chosen species that you will see in her artwork. One off my favorite roses Sheryl has painted on these goblets I love the way they look. But my ultimate favorite item is her shop, are these lovely Calla Lily champagne flutes. I am sure you’ll agree, I get refreshed just looking at them!

At Sheryl’s shop you will find beautiful hand painted stemware and more. Keepsakes, jewelry and hat boxes, even flower pots and greeting cards, all in hand painted beauty.

Sheryl’s shop is easy to navigate, and in her message she guides you to her artwork:

“My shop sections will guide you for easy browsing. You'll see hostess gifts, bridal and wedding gifts and favors, home decor and heirloom boxes as well as examples of custom and personalized orders.”
Stop by and take a look at Sheryl cool perspective of Floral Art. It is truly beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by to visit our blog on this Friday kickoff of this great Memorial Day Weekend!


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Hand Painted Petals said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my treasury; glad you liked it! And, thank you for your kind words about my shop, too!