Friday, June 24, 2011

Anastasia Dreams........A Treasury

Isn't inspiration a great tool to opening the mind to a broader canvas? Last week's Ramblings has led to this week's:

My Dreams
By Lovisetto

My Dreams Treasury

Anastasia from Lovisetto has created a gorgeous imagery filled Treasury, jam packed with items that she dreams of.

For her Treasury we find several familiar items and some new items too!
So my journey begins…

Right out of the door, or should I say, while the page was loading, I started to receive glimpses of a item briefly flashing up my screen. I had to squint and be patient as the page loaded, going through the various virus scans, bot seekers, anti spy and related searches for nefarious behaviors which hinder what should be the smooth and seamless appearance of any web address I key into my browser.

As the virtual world cleared before my eyes, and my screen's images now all stablized and settled in, I saw what at first had caught my attention. It looked different that anything I have ever seen before. At first, I thought it was of marine origin, a photo of an item from an exotic undersea garden, the type that undulates in rhythm with the tidal surges day in and day out. It had an definite flow pattern, and yet the expected structure was not present.

I was drawn to it the very moment I saw it…. Did I mention that I also see this item as having possibly come from the Underworld or from Middle Earth?

And my finger had to click it first, just to see what I was looking at.

Yellow Savannah felted shibori

Nuno Felted scarf shibori
Yellow Savannah

Well, shut the front door…… I quickly pulled out my tape measure and calculated its length, since 140cm doesn’t quickly come to mind, as an American stuck in the system I am familiar with...

I am entranced…because this shawl is felted Merino wool, and we all know how nice a soft, wool scarf can feel. This scarf is a good size for those evenings out, when a cool breeze threatens to make chills apparent at the least expected times. It also circumvents that knitted effect while accenting the unique category. I can visualize seeing this scarf locally!

So I pulled out my Magic Carpet and took a quick ride to GalaFilcs Shop, as it was a distance being in Poland… Besides, what good is a Magic Carpet if I don’t get to take long trips occasionally?

Grey stones Grass Felted Bracelet

Oh man, I walked in and there were some of the most interesting shapes and colors, and everything in wool. So where did my eyes go first? Why, they went directly to her felted wool bracelet called: “Grey stones Grass” and that’s exactly what it is ! It looks like grey stones and a little bunch of grass! I love it. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Gala Filc also had a matching necklace on page 3 of their shop.

Then I found something that made me hasten my step, and as I approached, my being suddenly froze for a moment in time, as I fell in love with an item of hers, but I am not telling you what it is.
(filing this URL in my personal secret bookmark list)

I definitely recommend taking your magic carpet out (dusting it off, if you haven’t used it in a while) and going for a ride to Poland for the evening, and visit GalaFilc. Tell her hi for me.

I really enjoy this Treasury as the usage of fiber arts is so well displayed. I absolutely love scarves and the texture and color combinations are usually what catch my attention. Anastasia has captured just about every medium here in her Treasury, whether it physically, mentally or even emotionally, and I am happy to have had the pleasure of being included within it! Check it out!

There’s even a Diving Bell helmet!
Diving Bell

Lovisetto, or Anastasia Lovisetto, comes from the UK, and in her shop I found beautiful bib necklaces, and especially nice were her butterfly bibs and her netted bib necklaces. She incorporates many different textures into her work and I found it rather enlightening.

Butterfly Bib Necklace

Of course myself, having been considered by some as being a bit outside the box, know that I’m fully aware that I can get away with this, when I say, “Ooh, I wonder what it would look like, to have a necklace of bees………or clover…hmm.


Anastasia chose my Golden Fritter Farfalle necklace to join her other pieces of art and handmade goodies today.
I thank Anastasia for including us in her beautiful Treasury!


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