Saturday, June 18, 2011

Featuring "Ramblings" by Etsian Ariadnes Creations


A treasury of Ramblings, by AriadnesCreations

This beautiful Treasury features some very nice artwork and is very pleasing to the eye. Yes that's it, my eyes literally rambled all over it. nice!

As my eyes rambled over this nice Treasury, I was initially swept by an image of an old house, a house from my dreams, recurring dreams, where I have been given this huge house, and I wander from room to room, each room different from the one before it, and each being full of treasures to find. Things I had not taken a moment's notice of beforehand, now lie before me to discover in my endless days. An old house with many memories that live long past its inhabitants.

I love the perspective Teresa Chipperfield used with her shot. It really does look like the house from my dreams. Old and uninhabited, until you peer closely and notice that there are crisp linen curtains hanging in the windows that might catch the breeze if it eddied through. What appears old and without life on the outside just may neat, clean, and new, on the inside. PhotosByChipperfield

Upon my gazing of this beautiful older home I have come to the conclusion that if I ever have the chance to remodel a house like this, I shall finish it in the natural wood shade that can be seen under its wearing whitewash paint. Somehow, I think that this house would look Grand no matter what color it wears. It looks Grand to me, here, right now..... and it seems that I was correct, when I thought it looked like something from my end of town; yup, right here in the NE Pacific 'rainy' Playground of America.

Well, once I got over my dream state I took a broader look around Ariadnes's "Ramblings" Treasury and there they were, the cutest earrings I have seen in quite a while!

"Clustered Cups"

Rustic White Copper Enameled Earrings

These are so cute, and at first I thought I was looking at little shells (which always catch my attention), and I had to look closely, and then get my stronger reading glasses because these cups have such a unique look to them, that I had to see more. I went right to TekaandZoe's shop to see these up close and personal, and within the spectrum of my ears.... I love these unique earrings. I hearted them for later too, unless someone else beats me to it, I may be wearing them myself very soon..... (btb - they have more cluster cup earrings in additional shades, too!!)

This Pretty Treasury has many more items to look at and drool over, but who am I to put my dreams into your head? Hmm? Click on the Link and take the trip to the Ramblings Treasury by way of the WiresNpliers Magic Carpet~~~ride~~~

I entered Ariadnes studio and looked around. All around me I noticed beautiful soft colors and hues of assorted gorgeous girly girl jewelry, until my eyes came to rest on this: WOW!

"Tribal Summer"

....a beadwoven Cuff, of beautiful opposite colors: orange and blue, with beautiful wooden beads woven right into the mix.

I swear I even saw a spirit bead......

But maybe I am wrong. Either way, Ariadnes has created a gorgeous Cuff, an item of her jewelry that had no "rambling" to it whatsoever. It just grabbed into my psyche and held my attention right there, in its tight grip! All of her jewelry is uber beautiful, but this Cuff, in particular, caught my attention.

There's no mistaking a beautiful work of art when it has you in its grip.

The item Ariadnes has chosen from the wiresNpliers studio to exhibit in "Ramblings" is one of our Farfalle necklaces:

"The Golden Fritter"

Dark Gold and Gold Lined crystal Jablonex farfalles beaded into a necklace which features a center transparent focal bead, its girth completed covered in a matching dark golden frit which gives this necklace a unique look.

Farfalle beads, like the Italian name infers are bow tie shaped seed beads, also known by some as butterfly beads. The dark golden beads in this necklace are also "cut" beads which have the appearance of being slightly faceted, and reflect light in suprising angles.

"Thank You's" are heartily extended to Ariadnes, and for the journey she has bestowed upon me, today! Thank you.

May her Treasury receive many many comments and accolades!


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So glad you liked the treasury and absolutely stunned by your wonderful words <3