Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life's about the Ability, not the Disability

Ability, not disability.

I like this title, for it focuses on what we can do as opposed to what we cannot do. A simple statement said, yet one that many people drown within, unless faced with a disability themselves.

At Etsy, one will find a blend of artisans with abilities of all kinds and types. Some abilities are easy, some are difficult, but one thing is apparent and that is that everyone is an artist in their own way.

Ability, not Disability

Each artist in this Treasury has special abilities that are present in their lives and lifestyles. It is my hope that many will visit this Treasury and take note that just because a person lives with altered abilities and differences, we are all here together, and artistic creativity still shines through!


First we visit a friend of mine, Cindy. I always get caught by Cindy’s art, mainly because she, like me, has a fondness for paua (also known as abalone) and other nautical treasures. She especially loves red and blue Paua!

Deep Blue Sea Shells

She also likes volcanic basalt (lava) and enjoys making jewelry from it. Cindy comes from Alberta, Canada, and her shop is called Peacock Jewellery. Cindy is known around Etsy as “cindylouwho2” and is very knowledgeable in her field, and not only sells her beautiful jewelry, she also works with business statistics, and even volunteers in a shop called LoveForJapan, in support of Japan disaster relief.

Next, I steered my Magic Carpet southward to California’s Silicon Valley area to a town named Mountain View, and I found a cute shop named “muddipuppy.” Amberlin in an artist of many medias, she says, and I found that to be very true. I absolutely fell in love with her “For the Love of Animals” cards!

For The Love Of Animals

Not only does Amberlin screen print, she also makes some pretty crochet necklaces. She also has a blog. Check her out!


The creator of this beautiful Treasury “Aid For Abby” is known to me because of their affiliation with Team Etsy For Autism and also for their membership in Createability Team in which we are both members. Bonnie and Abby offer papercrafting and beautiful watercolor paintings for great low prices. I have a special connection with two of her works of art:

One, I call Stained Glass,

I call this Stained Glass

and the other I call Sunrise.

I call this Sunrise

Both are beautiful and I urge everyone to check out their shop and consider how nice her art would look in your home.

From our shop, Bonnie chose Sarahbushka’s (Our Autist Artist) colorful Art Career’s beaded necklace called Rocky Road. Sarahbushka made this necklace of blue, green, black and white conglomerate turquoise and howlite with black graduated disks. Sarahbushka is a member of Art Careers, an adapted recreational jewelry class of adult students with cognitive, expressive, and communication disabilities, all of which have been developmentally swerved from the beaten path…

We thank Bonnie and Abby for including us in their gorgeous Treasury today!
Sarahbushka sends her Thank You's, too!


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