Friday, August 26, 2011

Burning Summer Days, A Treasury

So I am sitting here reading and I hear a ding. Email.

(Clicking on any image or link will whisk you directly to the shop or the listing)

My Inbox has an Etsy convo in it from a name I don’t recognize as one of my peeps, so I opened it and immediately saw the words “in my Treasury,” and I thought to myself “Oh Boy! A Treasury! Let’s see what item it is….”
I looked up and I saw the Convo title saying that my Earth Element Breakaway lanyard has been included in Kathy Lycka’s Treasury aptly named: Burning Summer Days.

I clicked the link and there I was at her HOT Treasury!

Burning Summer Days Treasury

And Hot, It is burning!!!! (I wonder what it takes to be white hot) What Kathy probably doesn’t know is that these are some of my favorite colors. Red, orange, yellow, clear (or white), with black: colors of flame.

Her beautiful Treasury is all that and more. There is a wonderful blend of yellow, orange, red, white and black, enough to inspire even the sleepiest on an evening as late as this.

I had to get out and unroll my Magic Carpet because it’s off to Long Island, NY, to track down these pretties, and the first place in Kathy’s Treasury that my eyes fixed upon as always: was jewelry; and a necklace made from one of my favorite stones, the chalcedonies. I love the shade of the chalcedonies we see these days. I remember back when most of the chalcedony was pale blue, lilac, and lavender, but today they come in just about any color, which of course makes me very happy.


Fire and Sun Chalcedony Necklace

“Fire and Sun” is the name of this pretty necklace made by Etsy shop: MeSheDesigns. Shelley of MeShe Designs presents a very good display of the warm yellow to red palette, each teardrop carefully wire wrapped all in oxidized silver, a great combination of cool metals and warm stones, two opposites yet held together as one. I love this necklace! Shelley also has other beautiful jewelry at her shop. I saw some tensha bead earrings, beer quartz earrings and some very nice Bridal Inspired jewelry.


The next place my eyes rested upon was this beautiful fabric that almost reminded me of the Colorado River and some of the narrow canyons that have rocks of this shade.
Just the fact that a piece of silk has the power to catapault my mind’s eye to visualize the Colorado River, is enough of a reason to click this image…..
At first when I looked at this silk it could have been an art exhibit, a fibre art affair, a textile-o-phile’s dream come true.

Hello, My name is Carol. I am a textilophile.

Twirligig Fire Playsilk & Wand

This is a 'playsilk' and it comes on a wand… hence the wand. It is a cool toy for the child whether the child be 3, or 33. Or even 63!

all ages

I love these silks. I went northward to the shop BeneathTheRowanTree and with this; I suddenly realized that it is going to be a long night because Lori and Andy’s shop is way 'up and over there,' in Northern Ontario, Canada, and that’s a long way from home for me.

I was blown away, by all the color! This family creates some of the most beautiful silk scarves and playsilks in color combinations and designs which at first appeared to me to be a piece of silk only to find that they are capes, dress-ups, scarves and beautiful twirling skirts and more.

So I was just looking around when all of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks….did I just see a walrus ball? Gnomes, finger puppets and Bessie the cow? And that Tree-o (that’s right a Tree-o, A trio of trees). Well. You’ll just have to look at this pic o pics (tree-os, get it?) that I made because they’re all so cute….(especially that little surprise egg!) and there's way too many to look at. You can't look at just one.


You know, I haven’t seen a walrus ball for many years now..cough cough…I LOVE IT.
But if you want to see it, you are going to have to look at their “sold items” to find it, because this one is SOLD.

walrus ball

To me.

I used to have this cute little needle felted ewe, then one day I found it desecrated, it had morphed into a ball of felt, it’s head and legs mysteriously disappeared, as though someone licked it to death. Meanwhile, over in the corner sits my fat smug gray cat Banjo, licking dander off her legs.uh-huh.


So by now, I am exhausted from all this shopping, and I still plan to stop by Kathy’s Shop: kathylyckastudio on my way home. My eyes are completely focused on the reds, oranges, and the golden yellows of her gorgeous Abstract Textured Orange painting in the Treasury of Burning Summer Days. However, upon reaching her shop, my eyes tumbled right over it, and landed on her Strong Proud Female African Warrior painting. How beautiful is that?

Strong African Female Warrior

Kathy does stained glass prints, my favorites were "Tangled" and another one called "Swaying Tree," both exquisite in the essence of movement even though they are still. I love her use of colors and of lines.

It was time to bring myself home, leaving Calgary, Canada and returning to my own state. I thoroughly enjoyed my mini trip to Canada, via my Magic Carpet that visits Treasuries allowing me to BlogRamble my findings.

Thank you Kathy,
You have introduced me to some wonderful shops in my visit to your Beautiful Burning Summer Days Treasury.

The Fire Within - Moravian Stars

Thanks for visiting my humble blog.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Europe Is For Everyone, a Treasury

I've had the fortunate luck of being included in an Etsy Treasury today! It was made by Mari and From her Etsy Shop MadeByMari.

Clicking on any image or link will whisk you directly to the shop or the listing

I went to her treasury to see which item of mine was picked for her Treasury. Loving the anticipation of waiting for the Treasury page to load (unless I am on a dial-up), I get a little excited just to see my item and how it fits the page. Sorry to be so honest, but I am in this for up front promoting focusing on my partners while advertising my own branding, and any perks come back to us, I will in turn share with others. Hopefully everyone wins!

So today Mari whisked my magic carpet and me away, and into her world, her Treasury called Europe is For Everyone. Each item Mari has chosen appears to be representing a country or region, and I enjoyed looking at each of the items. She has a ring of gorgeous tans, red, and black, and appears to be a piece of map under glass set in an ornate bezel. She has a key necklace, an Eiffel tower, several beautiful beaded bangles, a couple of beaded necklaces, even a shamrock under glass.

Shamrock Necklace

I eyed them all and then my eyes rested upon the Earrings named Sangria, of course, in copper. I think it was the photo, the background the shades next to the copper, perhaps even Mari’s placement of the image, but it all fit so well that this pair of earrings were the ones I clicked.


Sangria, a pair of earrings made by Etsy Shop: ajbcreations features copper hoops and grape leaves, fire polished, grape crystal with little Swarovski elements in the shade of lavender. These are elegant earrings can make a subtle statement unless the wearer decides to flaunt them at which time they will gladly take center stage at any event, proudly hanging a full 4” on the bare neck.

Ajbcreations, in Kalispell (a nice little trip for my magic carpet), is located on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains. It is a beautiful area with the Flathead Lake nearby. In fact, if you are visiting Glacier Park from the West, you will more than likely drive through Kalispell to get there. At ajbcreations you can expect to find a lot of floral jewelry, some beautiful rustic-chic styled jewelry, and as the owner mentions in her profile, she loves things that grow, and vintage and upcycling, with her wide use of gorgeous gem and semi precious gemstones, you can expect to find some beautiful jewelry to wear.
After leaving Kalispell, my magic carpet turned right.


Now I must admit at this point, that my family has a Queen in it. That’s right, it’s our daughter, the famous Sarahbushka with her Art Careers necklaces featured at our own shop wiresNpliers.. Of course having royalty in our family, naturally I would be drawn to others of great Royalty….My magic Carpet flew me right past Mari’s place (she's out of town now) and just kept on going southward until we reach South San Francisco, and a quick visit to HerMaj (as in Her Majesty? See what I mean, drawn like a moth to a light, I came to visit)!

Mari featured HerMaj's lovely vintage Buchan Of Scotland Thistle Ramekin Scottish Stoneware. (Just the name alone sounds royal). I love stonewear, but I just never could see any stones in it, but this is a very cute ramekin nonetheless.

Buchan Of Scotland

Looking around her shop the first thing I noticed was that she really likes her vintage! I liked her Melmac and her napkin folding book ($4.00)! She has plates, cups and saucers and more, some novelty items and even an 'itsy bitsy baby bootie' key ring that is very cute!
After all this shopping I was getting tired so I left HerMaj’s Castle and started home. I thought perhaps since the Ramekin was made in Scotland it would be nice to take the long way home and pass over it as I returned.
I swear I thought I recognized the Netherlands below me, as I passed overhead…

Dutch clogs

Mari has MadeByMari and I have been a customer of hers on more than occasion. Mari is a member of the Createability Team at Etsy, as are all of the artists that Mari featured in her lovely Treasury, including myself. Createability is decribed this way:

“We are a group of artists and sellers either with disabilities ourselves, or caregivers of disabled people.” Each of us has the understanding and luck to live with a special needs person in our lives.

Mari makes Cane Catcher’s, and while I know Mari makes other great crafts, her Cane Catchers are the items that are familiar to me. I have purchased several from Mari, one for a client that was using a cane and one for my Mom, who loves hers and will gladly tell you all about its functionality if you were to ask.

Mari also makes Neck Coolers, she crochets Neck Warmers, and she loves watching football!

Cane Catcher

Limes - Neck Cooler

Winter White Neck Warmer

From wiresNplliers, Mari chose my Millefiori hand tied silk necklace with lemon yellow cats eye beads and beautiful royal blue Millefiori beads to feature in her European Treasury!

Summer Sunshine Millefiori Necklace

Now I am back at home and ready to be tucked into bed, and happy that I perused Mari’s Treasury tonight. The only thing left for me to do now is to thank Mari for including me in her beautiful Treasury!
So, Thank You Mari, I had a wonderful European Mini Cruise through your Treasury.
Thank you.