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The Beauty Of Pearls, An ArtFire Collection

Marquis Creations” is one of the shops I decided to focus on today. And it just so happens that the very shop I have decided to view first is also the shop that created this beautiful collection aptly named The Beauty of Pearls.

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The Beauty Of Pearls

Shaking out my Magic Carpet I am elated because Christy lives in Portland, Maine, up on a hill overlooking the harbor. This sounds very picturesque and like my kind of place! I wouldn’t mind moving to Maine someday, if I were to ever to decide to move away from Oregon. There are great things about both of these states that I absolutely love, and anyone that knows me knows that I only have particular states in which I will live, and Christy lives in one of them, where she creates all kinds of beautiful jewelry.

Christy’s shop’s blog mentions that she has been making bookmarks, well, since I also make bookmarks I want to see hers of course. Next, I am off to Christy’s Marquis Creations Facebook page, “like-ing” her along the way. In my search for bookmarks, something else caught my full attention. Stained glass!

Blue Rainbow Hued Ribbon Necklace

I like the way Christy utilizes stained glass into her work. Many of her pieces have a ‘backdrop’ (what I call it) made from a piece of stained glass, some pieces have framing wirework that lies over it and some pieces that are wrapped in wires as though they are little presents to open (but don’t try this).

I think the item that catches my attention is the very item that she has chosen to feature in this Collection, and that is her Pearl and Copper Wrapped Bracelet.

Pearl and Copper Bracelet

When I first looked at the pearls, I thought they were made on memory wire, but then I noticed that they are made with copper, and I don’t recall seeing hard copper used in jewelry, but then that’s the beauty of creativity. Anything goes!

Christy’s bracelets are beautiful, and as I looked really close, thinking I was going to see the traditional swirl wrap (bead by bead) with each piece connected end to end I was surprised to find that it wasn’t what I was looking at by far! This looks like it's more of a one-piece unit, being more on the lines of a …bangle! Interesting!

Christy also uses sea glass, upcycled, and beautiful beads, stones, suede, Mgambo beads and even some clay cuffs!

Green Sea Glass Necklace

Check out her shop!

My Ride

On my way back home I find that my next stop is Patricia Saab Designs and it is in Portland, Oregon, in my own back yard! (No I wasn’t just allocating myself to the name Portland, today! It was all by accident, call it Kismet!) On that note, call me a sucker for Tahitian pearls go ahead, because, I am and I will admit it!

Why, I have a stash of Tahitians and other salt water South Sea pearls that I rarely bring out to use in the jewelry that I make, and it is not that I don’t want to use them, it’s because I know that once they are gone I may not be able to find any more like them.
So now you know that I covet my saltwater pearls! I will buy freshwater pearls in large sizes just so that I don’t have to break into my private stash. But I do use them on occasion.

But enough about me, I have now reached my destination and as I fold up in my magic carpet, stuff it into my bag, I look around me.

That big luscious black peacock baroque pearl has already been sold! If my memory serves me correctly, it was a whopping 10+mm and displayed on Sterling Silver cable wire with a SS 925 spring ring clasp. Someone is going to be very proud to be wearing this pearl!

Patricia has many different combinations of pearls in her shop, and rightly so, since she has completed the GIA Pearl Grading course! Patricia likes to use local Oregon Sunstone, jaspers, opals, and agates of which we have many here in our fine state! Patricia makes good use of her photographic experience, and she is a senior member in the

Pearl Rope with Enhancer

In her shop she has a section allocated to Oregon gemstones! Yay! She has sections for men, too! I don’t know for sure, but I think Patricia may have a fondness for the warmer shades of pearls as I see several pearl mixes that focus on the warmer shades like cream, peach and rosy shades of pearls. She even has a Red Pearl Necklace!

Cherry Red Pearl Necklace

My ride

I am happy to see such a nice use of pearls in this collection!

From my shop, Christy chose one of my pairs of Pearl Twigs: No.20 Mixed Up in Gold, a collection of pearl shapes, drills and sizes in maroon to silver and white.

Pearl Twigs No 20 - Mixed Up

14/20 gold fill has been used to lace up these popular earrings. I never make the same pair twice unless instructed in a custom order (of which I happily create, and have a great following for). I have fun making new designs whenever I am bored. I also weave many other things into pearl twigs, and sometimes there’s not a single pearl involved at all!

Pearl Twig No 20 Mixed Up Midi
Anyway, the time has come for me to return to my family after this fun filled excursion through ArtFire’s creative Collection venue on the wonderful Sunday afternoon..
Please enjoy and feel free to share anything you have gleaned from this posting!

I extend a big Thank you to Christy of Marquis Creations for including wiresNpliers in her Collection "The Beauty Of Pearls."

Thank You, Christy!


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