Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue and Yellow, An Etsy Treasury by Kandy

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A little bird came to my window and told me that we’ve just been included in another Treasury at Etsy, and that I’d be pleased to find that one of my necklaces has been included, but more about that later. The Treasury called “Blue and Yellow,” is an exceptional Treasury, a duo of great Summery Shades, brought to you, by QuiltsByKandy!

Blue and Yellow Treasury by QuiltsbyKandy

Without spilling a drop of my wine, I gathered my spider web weavings and set them in a safe location, and I unrolled my Magic Carpet in preparation for an evening jaunt to visit the Treasury and then onward to the shops of some of the participants including the curator’s shop to see what all the fervor was all about.

Tonight I decided to start at the farthest point and work my way back towards home, and that means I would be headed toward Flemington, Missouri with my first destination to be the shop of SherrisQuilting to view the Treasury item that Kandy chose for her Treasury, Sherri’s Log Cabin Quilt.

Blue and Yellow Log Cabin Quilt

I don’t know too much about quilting but I am always amazed to see the way creative minds work when it comes to making things like quilts. Many little pieces of material sewn together, then batting added, more sewing and wha-la a gorgeous quilt is the result! This Log Cabin Quilt is a traditional style and Sherri mentions that it was sewn in the daisy pattern and I find it to be very pretty with the blues on one side of each square and the yellows on the opposite side. A nice effect if I do say so myself, even if I am left wondering what the daisy pattern actually means. Here is what it means to me: This is a gorgeous KING size (94x110) and it she has it listed for only $250.00. That is a great price!
Not only does Sherri make custom quilts, she also makes quilts in school themes and even baby burp cloths and receiving blankets!

Burp Cloth and Receiving Blanket
Sherri’s Quilting: "Crafted in the Ozarks - One of a Kind, One at a Time."


Now heading westbound my next stop is Denver Colorado, where I will have some foot fun with shoes at CustomDesignedShoes by Kate Friedman. I will be honest and admit that shoes are not the usual item I will stop and look considering that Etsy is a handmade site that also features vintage and supply items, so when I see brand new shoes I am a bit on edge, but then I looked closer and saw the beautiful way that Kate has embellished each pair she sells.

Teal Satin with Peacock

Kate takes the time to customize every single pair in rich colors with feathers, beautiful ribbon work, flowers and sparkly rhinestone adornments. Her D’Orsay style shoes and look very flattering on the Bridal Party, or any party for that matter. And to me, any shoe that has a cut-out, especially in the arch makes a sexy statement reaching farther than just exposed toes, and the leg above it.

Molly D'Orsay Heel in Royal Blue Satin

Kate also has a website with further information about her art! Check it out! I love her shop banner: Design Your Pedestal! Apropos!

My Flying Vehicle

Before returning home, I must stop in Moreno Valley, Ca, to visit the Treasury curator’s shop: QuiltsByKandy, where “Everyone Deserves Their Own Quilt!!!”
That’s right, Everyone does deserve their own quilt. I can attest to this as I was recently delivered my own quilt from my childhood! My mom had saved the quilt that all of us had shared over the years while growing up at her house, and it was given to me! What memories! This is why I like quilts! With good care they will last from generation to generation.
Kandy has a unique method of quilting.
She makes custom T Shirt quilts. Talk about having your own quilt! A person can ship to her 25 of their most favorite T Shirts (What a great way to memorialize favorite TShirts) and she will sew them into a quilt!

T Shirt Memory Quilt

Kandy also makes other Memory quilts, quilted coasters, shams, embellishments and even patterns (PDF), and her quilts are in many sizes. I fell for this baby quilt because of its cute pattern!

Baby Clothes Lap Quilt

From wiresNpliers, Kandy chose my floating bead “Summer Sunshine” Millefiori and Cats Eye necklace. I chose these gorgeous royal blue millefiori coin shaped beads and added lemon yellow cats eye, all tied in pale aqua silk and adorned with citrine Swarovski crystal elements, silver discs and shimmering aqua miyuki delica seed beads.

Summer Sunshine Floating Bead Necklace

I wish to take this moment to thank Kandy again for including my necklace in her pretty Treasury at Etsy.com. I had a wonderful evening traveling form shop to shop looking at all the “pretties.”

Thank You Kandy!


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