Sunday, November 27, 2011

An ArtFire Collection: "Sunday Favorites"

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A Collection of Sunday Favorites

AccentsandPetals' Sunday Favorites

I know I am going to have fun here…

When I woke this morning, I stumbled into my family room and settled into my sofa with my morning coffee and opened my laptop thinking I'd be doing some preparation for tomorrow's purchases in celebration of Cyber Monday. I had no idea of what I was shopping for so I went directly to my email to see my messages and to discover what type of ads I had stacked up in my Inbox awaiting my perusal.

I had the usual stack of Ebay watch alerts that I usually click through, which I did today since nothing new or exciting caught my eye. Suddenly, I was staring at an email from a fellow ArtFire seller informing me that I have been included in a Collection. Yippee!

I always save these for last after clearing my inbox so that I can relax and at the same time get excited to find what was chosen from my to display in someone else’s Collection. I always feel so honored that someone else would consider an item of mine to display as a favorite of theirs!

So it appears as though I will be unrolling my Magic Carpet today, and then going on a ride! Charting my course, I find I am covering vast distances, too! I’ll be starting in Northern Wisconsin, Saint Germain to be exact, and then heading to Mesa, Az., and finally I’ll be jumping the left pond to visit the Philippines, where the creator of this beautiful Collection resides.

And here we goooooo!

My first stop, after whipping out the wrinkles and folds from my Magic Carpet, will be across the country from me, to Wisconsin, in fact what I refer to as “way-up Wisconsin.” Saint Germain (St Germain) is almost at the Canadian border, and I arrive amidst the snowflakes and chilly weather. My destination is the WireSculptress shop, by Kristine Schroeder.

Her Wire Art is probably some of the best I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. There have only been a few people that catch my attention with wires as I find a lot of them beautiful but none the less what I consider to be overdone. Now Kristine’s are up there right with the intricate wire wrapping designs, but for some reason overdone is not a term I apply to her work.

Vesta Goth Art Nouveau Earrings
Vesta Goth Art Nouveau Earrings

It is gorgeous with a capital “Gorge!” which she describes as: “From Yesterday’s Future ..To You.”

Every single piece ranks as A-1, and explodes with gorgeousity, and not a single piece appears overdone, even though she includes many extras and designs in her work. Many of her pieces are Steampunk and Goth and perhaps that is why they have caught my attention so well!

I looked at page after page of her jewelry and every page held surprises for me. Here is a pretty bracelet that swept me:

Samantha Claire Filigree Bracelet
Samantha Claire Filigree Bracelet

While Kristine utilizes many of the techniques one sees on other wire wrappings, her eye for detail and just the way she sees things are what attracted me. I am very pleased that I chose her shop as one of my focus picks from the Sunday Favorites Collection today.

As I look back at this snowy scene, I depart with a wonderfully new and impressed view of wire in art and I totally agree with her statement “Reinterpreting Victorian, Steampunk, and Gothic styles of jewelry.”


Thanks Kristine for your keen creative ability and thanks for “Pushing the boundaries of wire sculpture and cold connection” and sharing it with the world in your shop at ArtFire!
Oh, and while we’re at it, we must check out Kristine’s web page too!

Let's go, this way now!

Next stop! From the snowy northlands to the warm and balmy southwest. We’re headed to Mesa Arizona! We’re going to see Lynn at Desert Rubble! Yay!

I love Desert Rubble! I have a piece of her work, too. I have a big blue green eye. And it looks like it belongs to a serpent! But I have digressed, so let me get back on track. The very first item that caught my attention as my Sunday Favorites Collection page loaded (and I saw this before I saw my own product; I admit it, I was looking for my own item first), but Lynn’s Mace stood out first against the page of Sunday Favorites for me.

Gothic Mace
Gothic Mace

There‘s nothing like a Mace for a good conversation piece, and even better as a pendant hanging from a neck! YES. I’ll tell you, back when I was shopping at Lynn’s Desert Rubble, I had a hard time trying to choose between the Mace and the Green Serpent Eye. The Serpent’s Eye won out for me because I was, after all, shopping for a pendant to make jewelry with, not for my own pleasure. Had I been shopping for my own pleasure, the Mace would be in my jewelry box right now, next to my cat o’nine tails. :o) oops TMI…. I also thought the Mace would make a great statement regarding my marriage to my darling Hubby. I’m his ball and chain. You bet I am, and never forget it, either!

Lynn makes the coolest jewelry. If it is not Sim-metal hinged fish, it’s body parts, or eyes, or dragon flies, moths, sci fi and more.

Industrial Gold DragonFly
Industrial Gold DragonFly

I love the look of spot welding, rivets, and screw heads and springs and a mish mash of parts showing. Lynn’s polymer clay has it all. Looks like metal!

Lynn talks of her desire to start casting in resin, and I read somewhere (probably in a forum) that she’d like to start working with precious metal clays, oh yeaaaaa, Lynn, bring…it…on! I’ll be watching for new and exciting things to emerge in your shop, down there in the desert!

I love her statement: “I feel free when playing with clay, liberated, you can just do anything with this stuff.” And I have to agree, she has certainly done well with her imagination here!


Lynn has a website and a blog, and I am sure you will enjoy yourself perusing both sites!

Ok, the time has come to return to my native Pacific Northwest, or as I like to call it My Pacific NorthEast, because in reality, we are in the Northeast quadrant of the Pacific Kingdom, after all.

Onward, we go...

But first, a stopover at our host of the Sunday Favorites: AccentsandPetals. So across the Pacific Ocean I go, all the way to the Philippines! This has got to be one of the best flower arrangement sites I have seen in a long time and I have to agree with the site’s statement of:

“Accents And Petals Where Flowers Last A Lifetime!”

I am quite impressed with the arrangements because they are made from paper and wood and recyclable things!

Purple Wooden Daisies
Purple Wooden Daisies

At first I thought they were made from silk but no, I was wrong. The wood they use has been salvaged from shipping crates then painstakingly shaved and formed into flowers!

The scraped wood and paper left overs are then recycled into paper beads to sell at their ArtFire Shop too.

But you’d better get there fast, because I just bought some of their beads and flowers, and I suspect that others will be there soon, too! Well, so much for my preparation for CyberMonday shopping tomorrow. It has now become my CyberSunday shopping. No! Wait a minute! It IS Monday in the Philippines! How perfect is that?

Paper Beads
Recycled Paper Beads!

To see more of their beautiful custom corsages and arrangements look at their blog.
…Wow! Very Impressive! In a way I wish I was getting married (again) so that I might have AccentsandPetals make some bouquets and corsages (including boutonnieres) for me, too.

Pretty Flowers~~folded stars
Birch wood flowers~~~~~Folded Stars

Oh, and word has it that they are having a Giveaway on their Facebook Page, too: Be sure to “like” the page for a weekly giveaway random drawing!

Well, the time has come for me to return homeward now.

There's no place like home, there's no place like home....

While on my way home let me tell you about the item that was chosen from my shop, wiresNpliers, for the Sunday Favorites Collection by AccentsandPetals.

The item chosen was one of my handmade copper bookmarks called “Bric Brac Love That Black.” This copper bookmark was shaped in a tight undulating wave pattern then with a right angle turn at the top where the hook dangles outside the book spine in an opposing wave pattern and finally adorned with a transparent lamp work bead laden with black applied flowers on its outside edge.

Bric Brac I Love That Black
Bric Brac I Love That Black

Below the lamp worked bead another bauble hangs: a cubed jet black Swarovski element crystal. I especially like the texture mixing of the dainty and curving edges of the flowered lamp work, with the angular-edged crystal, as I felt it added to the wave patterns. The shank and top outward face of the bookmark have all been hand scribed by me into the copper creating a flowing pattern.

Side View In Action
Bric Brac I Love That Black

Care was made to ensure that all of my bookmarks lie flat inside the books we read. My bookmarks are all buffed and finished with museum grade antiquity wax.


Well, I am back at home now and I want to personally thank AccentsandPetals for including my shop in their Sunday Favorites Collection today!

I have had great fun on my virtual travelblog today, and I have you and all the beautiful artists to thank for it!

Thank you,


wiresNpliers and the MiSFiTS


Desert Rubble said...

Aren't you just a gem, Carol, what a lovely blog post! It was a fabulous collection and now this, There were some really fabulous shops in it and I feel very lucky to have you as a fan, thankyou sweetie!

Wiresculptress said...

What a nice surprise to find that my art had been featured in such a lovely way - with time and care. That mace caught my eye too :) Thank you so much!