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Etsy Treasury Created by Initasworks, features WiresNpliers

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So I was just finishing up some shipping and cleaning my little work bench area that I use when I create, which is actually my coffee table (so I can hang out near my family), and I happened to check my email and there was a message from Inita of Initasworks.

Not being familiar with the name Initasworks, I decided to see what it was about and I found that Inita has included wiresNpliers in her lovely Green Treasury that has been named:

Always So Topical Bright Green

Always So Topical Bright Green

Oh boy, I said to myself. I get to take a trip! Then I checked to see where Inita lives, and uh-oh (actually yippee), she’s on the other side of the world! Good thing there’s no such thing as “Carpet Lag!”

Oh Boy, here we go.....

Unrolling my Magic Carpet, I quickly check it for any wear and tear, since it’s going to be a long day for me, and finding that everything is ready to go, I hop on, grip my fingers into the front facing fringe and I am off~~~~ to... are you ready for this? Latvia! Yay! How fun is that? Good thing Inita specializes in leg warmers!


While I travel this leg of my journey (no pun intended), I decide to take a look at Inita’s Treasury, to see what’s going on. Everything is vibrant green, the same green we see through the backsides of spring’s freshly unrolled leaves that have the sun shining on them; the green of Granny Smith apples, beautiful lush and warm green!
My eyes immediately see an image of some gorgeous bulky green yarn that comes from Heidi at Faroeviking, in Ottawa, Ontario, so I think I’ll stop there while on my way to Inita’s place.

What's Your Poison?

Heidi at Faroe Viking has got one of the most picturesque banners that I have seen in a long time, a cold and misty ocean scape with jagged outcropped rocks, and green lands, and well, I just know that I would love it there. This is definitely the land that respects and glorifies the warm Sun when it does appear from behind the fog, mists, and clouds.

Faroe Viking

Heidi dyes and then spins her own yarn from fleece she purchases locally, and in her listings she includes the name of the local farms she harvests from. In addition to that, Heidi also supports other Etsy fibre sellers by using some of their fibres as well.

Purple Shadows

She also weaves blankets, and not only does she have fibre sheep and alpaca, she also creates plant based vegan yarn from soy silk! I must say I am quite impressed. I have never knitted or crocheted, but I love textiles and fibres and felted items so this stop at Heidi’s is quite a pleasure for me.

Now here’s the personal kicker for me, I fell in love with this, though I have no idea what it would be used for: SUPER COIL YARN! Check it out!

Super Coil Yarn

What a wonderful shop! As I leave Faroe Viking I vow someday, I will travel here, and maybe even take a lesson from Heidi (if she teaches) on that Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel!

off we go!

I have decided to turn Southbound so that I can stop in at ....


4 Pottery Bowls

Pat, of PatsOfClay makes pottery that is fun, spirited and useful as Functional Art, display, and collecting, and I have to say that Pat has taken it a step farther and made this art her salvation after retiring from her teaching position. But she does explain how she witnessed the relaxation on her students faces when she would hand each of them a ball of clay and let them go….

As I mentioned, Pat has found her 'peace' with clay. Facing an unknown future with a pervasive illness, she has dealt with the stress that one feels when having to make life changes. I know how this works personally, because of my own recent situation, and I so love to read about others that have stepped up to the plate when dealt a hand of cards that sometimes feels as if that deck was stacked (see Sarahbushka, below).

Pat creates beautiful work and I love her analogy when she writes that she throws clay (oh I’ll bet she’s thrown some clay in her day), on the wheel. OK, I admit it, I already knew the term throwing clay, but when reading her profile, through misty eyes I suddenly saw her throwing clay .

Hand Thrown Reddish-Orange Bowl

Pat also makes slip casting art. For those that do not know about slip casting, it is a form of pottery, where greenware (unfired) is created with a low viscosity clay that is poured into double sided molds and dried then the mold is separated and the greenwware is fired, and later painted and glazed. It is an art, that is for sure.

Bowl of Fruit

And of course every single item is different, including Pat’s slip cast molded work as she finishes and glazes every single piece individually.

Her words are definitely inspiring, and as I mentioned before she has truly found her inner spirit. I am so happy I chose her work to visit today. For I know the effect art and creativity can have in releasing stress from our bodies and minds, and I couldn’t agree more when she states:

“Act on your inspired ideas ... Follow your heart...Love what you do!”

Off we go ...again!

As I travel to Initasworks, I realize that Inita is another textile freak, just like a lot of us…… And she makes tablecloths!

Natural Linen Striped Tablecloth

She also makes colorful leg warmers (see top image below the treasury). Inita is a textile designer and has worked in the industry for over 20 yrs, and loves to create fabric as a hobby. She knits scarves, ponchos, multi colored and multi-textured Gaiters Hand knitted leg warmers, and even some booties. In her shop right now she has a Black Green and Purple scarf that is really cute!


Well, it is time for me to come back home now, and as I return I want to tell you about the necklace that Inita added from our shop wiresNpliers. Inita chose Sarahbushka’s Celery and Greens beaded necklace.

Celery and Greens Beaded Necklace

I am not sure if Inita knew it when she chose this necklace but she chose well because the artist Sarahbushka (AKA Sarah) is also a student of the arts, one that needs to blow off stress every once in a while, as do the rest of us that happen to share the household with her. Sarahbushka is what is considered a “classic Autistic” once called Kanner’s autistic, and she is also developmentally disabled. To keep it short, you can click her name, or you can go to our lo-o-o-ong shop profile to read about her and her pursuits in life, but know that she is an artist, one who loves to express herself through her work.

Returning home, I roll up my carpet for my next travelblog, fix a cup of tea and reflect upon my visits today, realizing just how rich I feel, virtually meeting all of you, and I want you to know that I have returned home with a little piece of each of you within my heart today, and I have Inita to thank for all of this.

So I say warmly, Thank You Inita, for opening my heart this morning. Peace be with you, and with all of us, good cheer in the coming Holiday Season.

Carol & Sarahbushka

WiresNpliers ~ MiSFiTS

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