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Gemlover’s ArtFire Collection: Give Thanks For Our Art

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Well, it appears that I am going to be getting my Magic Carpet out again. That’s 2 times within 24 hrs! Yay!

This time it is for an ArtFire Collection! Some of our Guild members (that’s the Artisan Jewelers Guild aka AJG at Artfire) were chosen by John, our fearless leader, for his display in his Give Thanks For Our Art Collection. There are 12 spots open and I was lucky enough to get one of them in this great Collection.

Give Thanks For Our Art

So I am going to take a little jaunt to see the shops of some of the other players in this display. I have chosen 2 members to feature.

My first stop is Hagerstown, Maryland. I wonder if it snowed there a couple of days ago, during that early season snowstorm that blanketed the East Coast…

I am traveling to see KathrynDesigns tonight. Her shop is beautiful, and is filled with vintage impressions engineered with a modern styling in her jewelry.

Kathryn on the job
Kathryn on the job

Kathryn’s Flower Heart Polymer Cuff was chosen by John for his collection, and it was created with polymer clay and resin in shades of russet, silver and gold. A flower of copper and gold sits in the middle and is coated with resin for a dimensional and glasslike finish.

Flower Heart Polymer Cuff

Kathryn says that this piece, lightweight though substantial is: “Earthy meets Girly.”

Kathryn likes to create mini collages in jewelry with her polymer clay, utilizing precious metal clay (really neat stuff) in pure silver, gold, and copper.

Swirl Charm Heart Necklace

In Kathryn’s shop I came across her Heart Necklace in antiqued gold with a swirl charm in it. I really like the depth it shows. And it really looks great with the 17 inch gunmetal chain that holds the heart just below the base of the neck, looks so cool with the colors in this heart necklace.

I also found this Pair of earrings in her shop that really look pretty.

Artsy Red, Black, and Purple Earrings

I think they would look perfect with long straight hair (especially bright blonde) that would frame them so they could catch the light at just the right angle allowing the black faceted bicone beads to flash back.

And did I mention that Kathryn has two really cute and probably totally spoiled dogs?

Eddie and Allie
Eddie the Sheltie and Allie the Papillion

As I leave to move onward to my next stop I look back at KathrynDesigns one last time noticing that she has a blog….And word has it, there’s a contest currently going on, ending Sat Nov 5th at 11:00pm, EST (that’s 8:00pm here on the Great Time Change day, when I will relish that extra hour of unaccountable free sleep …. Sigh.
Next stop Donna Jo’s, in Des Moines~!


I am visiting Donna Jo at her shop NaturallyNickelFree where she creates specialty jewelry, for those that might tend to have sensitive and highly reactive skin.

Donna Jo uses Argentium, Niobium (one of my personal favs to work with), titanium (one I would like to get experience in) and metals that persons with nickel allergies can almost always find the ability to wear without discomfort.

Donna Jo, busy at work
Donna Jo, busy at work

Of course, like me, those being of a rather high 'maintenance' personality, wear specialty metals even though I don’t have an allergy. We just plain love them. But then, I can probably wear a pencil lead in my ears with no problem, not that I would; mind you. I am not sure whether that realization is good or not so good, so let’s just move on.

Wire Wrapped Jasper Necklace
Wire Wrapped Jasper Necklace

Donna Jo is a wire artist that loves working with beads, especially beads that are textured and colorful, while knowing that it is the wire that makes the creation, as Donna Jo says “Come alive.”

Donna Jo has her degree in theater education, she writes, and enjoys all of the arts including music, so of course, she’s an artist….with a specialty!

She has a lot of information networked through her shop bio page, her main website, and her blog, and in addition, her listings have specific and valuable information for the reactive shopper that requires the more hypoallergenic metals.

While at Donna Jo’s shop I found this a remarkably beautiful niobium chain pendant necklace.

From the pure natural niobium, being virtually inert to the skin, Donna Jo has curled and hammered this chain, link by link, one after another, shaping a beautiful wave pattern 19 inches long, making this one-of-a-kind handmade necklace shine all on its own...

Fluorite Pendant with Handmade Niobium Chain

Donna Jo then took it a step farther by adding (what I would call) a globe of fluorite, a natural semi precious gemstone which looks to be about 25mm or even larger in size. Looking through it, I am dazzled by its dimensional effect.

Next, I found some cute lamp work earrings that I am pretty sure drew my attention because of their bumps and curls and beads that slide.

Yellow Lampwork Niobium Earrings

The bumps on the transparent yellow lamp work have black and white bulls-eyes with red bumps in between. The curls hang below with green sliding beads that float along the bottom edge on each earring. Very Cute!

Well it's time for me to head east...

headin' east our fearless leader’s shop: Gemlover

John is a grad Gemologist (+40yr) and I believe his fire was lit, when his wife handed him a parcel of gems and said and I quote: “you’re the gemologist, what are these?” One thing led to another and John was cutting his own stones, and next stop GIA Jewelry Design and Repair….whoa he’s up there..….

Together, John and his wife, Deborah’s work makes my head spin, Deborah’s designs with John’s knowledge base, add them together, and you have some pretty significant works of art. John has some rings to die for, and I have to say this, I love his shop because his shop banner is an image of ….. daps ! Priceless!

daps, daps, everywhere

And one more thing before I leave. When you are visiting Johns Shop Gemlover be sure to look in his pendant section and his gallery for some tasty jewelry treats! And then there’s John’s Ganoskin blog. There’s always something interesting to read there.

Well it’s time for me to return to the West Coast.

Home Sweet Home

I am hungry and I have Indian Food in my refrigerator waiting for me.
I am so glad that I can sit back while my Magic Carpet does all the work for me, I can reflect on the item from my shop that John picked for this great Collection.

Baby Snakes
Baby Snakes

He chose my Baby Snakes Copper Bookmark style earrings, which are cold forged copper spirals in the style that I use for the bookmarks that I make. They have been patterned, then darkened and finally buffed with a tear drop dangle added…..oops I’m home…And I’m hungry, so I am just going to link the picture of Baby Snakes directly so that you can just “go there” while I am eating my dinner.

Back at home I roll up my Magic Carpet, tucking it away in its secret location until the next time I feel the need to take a travelblog adventure.
My Indian food awaits me.
Thanks John at Gemlover, our leader and dapper…hey….yea he’s our dapper, literally!


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