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Men's Jewelry Shops, A Treasury at Etsy

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Well, I am going global tonight!
I am in another treasury and this time it appears I am going International.
I like this particular Treasury because it’s all about Male adornments. It’s hosted by Nadin Sandler of NadinArtGlass.

Men's Jewelry Shops

I had fun shopping and choosing which items to focus on. One thing I learned, what I thought I liked turned out to be a bit different than what I found I liked even more, once I visited the shops I chose from the treasury.

So tonight, while I unroll my magic carpet, the telemetry I will be charting, starts from San Francisco, then onward to the UK and then continuing to Israel, and finally around the remainder of the globe back to our western coastline (or the NE PAC coastline, as I like to call it.) It will be a global flight for me tonight.
So, let’s get started!

Off we go!

From my home down to San Francisco it is a quick jump southward to a much more populated land of enchantment, elbow to elbow innovation and creativity, and the origin of many of our own local artists from back in the 70’s. My first stop tonight, is the shop of JimColony Gemstones and Jewelry.
At first I hesitated thinking I was in a bit over my head with what first appeared to be fine jewelry and then I realized that he has a great mix of style, and an eclectic blend of taste with a bent toward the natural state of stones (which I adore).
I will admit to skipping past the prong settings and the gorgeous jewelry that appears one might find on a velvet bust in a jewelry store focusing more on what I think a lot of men might look at first.

Mens Byzantine Chainmaille
Mens Byzantine Steel and Copper Chainmaille

This might be a difficult trip for me tonight, as I am quite often swept away by items in shops allowing my personal taste to get in front of my reasons for being here in the first place, so I’ll apologize up front, lest I sway into the feminine realm momentarily while showcasing these beauties directed toward the men.
Upon first laying eyes upon this wonderful shop let me just drop some names that we don’t always have to pleasure of seeing here at Etsy all that often. But anyone who loves gemstones as much as I do, let me just say this before I move on to my first showcased item from JimColony: umbalite, heliodor, demantioid, moldavite, imperial topaz, and more. If those words have any meaning to you, you be should be here visiting!

Gems, Gems, Everywhere

First things first, this guy does some of his own faceting! How cool is that? To be able to facet one’s own Contra Luz opal, or facet some kunzite. But I digress, as I am shopping for a dude, a guy, and if it’s not for a jewelry guy, it has to be really “guyed up” so I will stay in the more rustic sense white I am here, and my first stop takes me dangerously to the edge of that ‘being swept away” thing about myself that I mentioned above.

This is not as girlie as I first thought, but I would wear it in a heartbeat (if I can get my DH in here to get a good once over and a “look see” ). It is a Spessartine garnet (also called mandarin garnet by many) crystal hanging from a chain.

Natural Spessartine Crystal Pendant

Very basic and yet so basic that it sings “Fine, classic, rustic, original, minimal” and I find that the longer I look at it, the more I want it! How often does one see the original natural shape garnet in the perfect size hanging from a chain? Hm? This makes this my second $60 item I want in my Christmas stocking, this year.

Forged Round Sterling Pendant
Forged Round Sterling Pendant

JimColony also has this really neat sterling silver pendant that he made: It reminds me of grapes hanging in the vine, and its reversible, he oxidized it and it is on an oxidized chain which, in my opinion is a perfect fit for this unique pendant.
JimColony also has another pendant in his shop (pg4) made in the same way and that one looks at first glance to be a dragon (ok, maybe only in my mind), and some other very neat items, shown below:

Freeform Dragon Tanzanite Slide Crystal Stainless Steel Chainmaille
Dragon ~ Tanzanite Slide Bead ~ Steel Chainmaille

You simply must come to visit his shop. You will find that he covers all price points, so while some items might be over the top for my wallet, others fit right in (like that $60 Spessartine crystal, honey, if you are reading this).

Here we go again!

Leaving San Francisco I fly high over the US and the great pond, to the United Kingdom, or England as we call it. Land of my fathers, fathers, fathers, fathers (OK, we've been in the US since the early to mid 1600’s so I am not how sure how many fathers, fathers to count backward without getting out that old scroll and opening it up), to land in Angelique’s shop called “TheRavensDaughter.”

Leather, leather, everywhere, wallets, wristbands, masks, knife sheaths, bike seats, dog collars and more.

Love Me Twice Cuff
Love me Twice Cuff

In this treasury, Angelique’s wristband is one of her “Love Me Twice” wristbands. She upcycles and revamps old leather belts long forgotten and left for goners…. Angelique reloves the leather, embosses it and fits it with a snap closure and prepares it to be worn by someone new. It would be pretty hard to find another one like it, especially if you’re in the states.

So I looked around and there I was looking at stars! How cool is that? She has made astrological/astronomical (OK star maps of horoscopes) you know constellations!

Taurus Constellation Cuff
Taurus Constellation Cuff

I chose my own sign for this image, Taurus. I like how Angelique has the hole size in relation to the star sizes in the constellation! Very nice.

Wrist/ Boot Strap ~~ Celtic Stone Cuff
Boot Strap/Cuff Celtic Stone Cuff
Vintage Tea Party Leather Flower
Vintage Tea Party Flower and Leather Cuff

Angelique's Facebook page invites her customers to post images of their purchases “in action” a perfect contemporary version of the old “Word of mouth” advertising.

Here we go again!

And now before returning home I will stop by the host’s Nadin Sandler’s shop in Israel, called NadinArtGlass. At NadinArtGlass, I found some really unique supplies. I really like balled headpins especially when handmade, and will opt for them every time unless I have a need to use other types.

Drop Leaf Beads
Leaf Drop Beads

I really like the way Nadin has applied colors and patinas to some of supplies too.

Colored Filigree Trumpet Cones
Colored Filigree trumpet Cones

She also has a line of jewelry, and she is a SRA registered for her hot glass ratings. I learned something here. She makes those cute charms that have the wire coming out of them. I have always loved this type of headpin/bead; but every time I get my hands on them, the wires have been bent so terribly much that they no longer hold any shape, much less have any remaining ability to hold a wire wrap.

glass bead head pins
Glass bead headpins

Now to see them right after they have been made, it recreates a faith in me that I had pretty much turned away from, and I know that I can securely wrap into jewelry without the fear that they will fall off the moment I turn my head away.

Green Drops
Green Drop Beads

Yes this shop is surely going onto my favorites, right now.
Nadin has a blog, and a Facebook page in addition to links to her other shop and blogs etc on her profile page at Etsy.

Handmade Red Hearts
Handmade Red Hearts

Now turning toward the long trip homeward, I reflect on Nadin’s wiresNpliers choice from of my Men’s Blue Krobo Sand bead neckwear for her Treasury.

Homeward Bound

All in blue with a handmade African Krobo sand bead in coke bottle aqua shade, this necklace is meant to be worn high on the neck peek through an open short collar or wherever it ends up showing.

Blue Krobo Sand Bead Neckwear
Blue Krobo Sand bead Neckwear

Made in the traditional way the Krobo bead gets its hole by having a kava bead rolled up and placed into the mold of glass sand before firing. During the firing process the kava leaf burns away, leaving the bead hole!

Blue Krobo Sand Bead Men's Necklace

I thank Nadin for including my Men’s Blue Krobo Sand Bead Neck Wear in her beautiful Treasury tonight.

And big Thank Yous to the artists for their special items that I got to see on my TravelBlog tonight, too.

Thank You Nadin,


wiresNpliers ~ MiSFiTS

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