Saturday, October 27, 2012

WiresNpliers Features New Holiday Items ~ ArtFire!

 Here at Artfire This Season
Holiday gift giving even if it is for you !

Usually I feature other shops, after after diiscovering that my shop has been included in someone's Treasury or Collection. I pay-it-forward in a way, figuring that if I keep doing this, sooner or later someone else might catch on and do it too, and then in a while a whole bunch of people would be cross promoting each other in a great big circle of friends.
Oh, did I mention that there's a method to my madness when I visit other shops? Did I mention that I have a Magic Carpet that transports me to each site? I usually visit 2 or 3 other shops from the same group, and then visit them while virtually window shop. It's like I go on a mini voyage as I visit each one. On my return journey home I describe my own item that had been included in the grouping.

 I won't use that format this time since I am not on a journey. But other than that, this posting will still utilize the usual protocol. Images will link back to the item within my shop (if applicable) and a sprinkling of links to the front gate of  wiresNpliers will also be applied.

Turquoise Howlers
Dyed Howlite in sterling silver with black matte lampwork

Amazonite Ribbon Necklace
Made with hand dyed silk ribbon with amazonite and coppery beads sewn into the ribbon.
"The Blue"
Blue Lampwork on transvere copper cold forged earrings, niobium wires.
Aqua Verde
Cute and casual brio cut Czech glass in copper, on leverbacks.
Blue Buttercups
Cute little blue lucite flower earrings in bronze, niobium wires. 
Black Ruffles Lampwork Earrings
Black ruffles on gold, niobium wires.
Amethyst Drops With Tanzanite and Pearls

Amethyst drops in Sterling Silver with tanzanite and large FW pearls.
Blue Royale Rope Necklace
Midnight Blue Firefly Beads and Gold in a Spiral Weave
Taurus Rising
Hand dyed silk, copper, and Lapis Lazuli Astrology symbol ribbon necklace
Carnelian Keishi Petals
Turkish carnelian, keishi petals& baby pearl earrings

Black Spider Web Earrings
Hand lashed spider web earrings on copper
Red Curls
Cold forged copper with bright red beads earrings, niobium wires
Copper Curls
Gold and copper accents, undulating transverse copper earrings, niobium wires

Horizontal ruffled lampwork beads in gold on niobium
Double Helix "Stages"
Turquoise wafers and staged helix beading with a turquoise pendant
My Rendered Heart
Orange, yellow, and black lampwork hearts on undulating copper, niobium wires
Golden Chalcedony Drops

Golden yellow chalcedony teardrops, with baby pearls on copper, rose niobium wires
Dark Oceans
Paua, black mabe pearl in a black iridescent snake necklace
Dark Oceans2 & Paua Diamonds
Suite sets customized for the dark oceans necklace
Gaia's Bubble Fantasy
Calypso glass bubble lampwork necklace with farfalle beads
Labradorite Minnies

Petitelabradorite and amazonite on copper leverbacks
Little Lanterns
Bright yellow dyed howlite and fire opal Swarovski's, niobium wires

Golden Lampwork Ruffles

Golden ruffles lampwork on black, niobium wires
Apple Green Orbit Tassel Necklace

Apple green lampwork Orbits on a tasseled sterling silver ring necklace
Lampwork and copper chip forged earrings, rose niobium wires

Iolite Curls
Iolite and amazonite on forged copper curls, rose niobium wires
Camo Cages in Black
Black caged leopard jasper with cute snap closure
Dark Boughs
Black twisted stem earrings, in violet gold, niobium wires

Copper Keshi Surprise

Coppery keishi and peach pearl drops, rose niobium wires
Amazonite Keishi Petals 
Keishi petals with amazonite and baby pearls on 14/20GF  leverbacks
Midnight Blue Orbit Swingers 
Deep blue lampwork Orbits on sterling silver swings, SS wires

Well that about does it for my newly listed Holiday Items at Artfire. Join me again for my next voyage to new and exciting places as I unroll my Magic Carpet and we go for a ride to visit shops and various sellers wares and art.
Below, for entertainment, check out some other wiresNpliers work:

The Following are Examples of Custom Work
Sheild Me
Hand carved bone in Masai sheild motif, with Krobo sand cast beads amazonite. Hand tied.


Fossilized coral, Krobo sand cast beads and vulcanized disk necklace
 Southern Tribal Nights
Copper, turquoise, faceted black tourmaline & ceramic bead multi-strand necklace

Flame Dancer

Multi-strand knotted Sonoran Jasper lampwork and gemstone necklace and earring suite
Native American men's paper bead and heishi necklace and feather earring suite
 Sea Dragon
Men's hand carved bone hook, Krobo sand cast beads and pipestone necklace
Reef Walker
Jasper, amazonite and Ocean organics in a multi-strand silk and copper necklace

The Bounty
Rain Forest Jasper, lampwork, and gemstone multi-strand silk knotted necklace

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 
Fold-formed copper petal wiith amazonte and amethyst necklace


Thanks for visiting wiresNpliers! It's been my pleasure to show you around.



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Artfire's Summer Roses Collection and a Special Email!

Clicking on any image or link will whisk you directly to the shop or the listing.
Hovering will show you secret messages.

What a nice surprise! I woke to an email from Artfire mentioning that one of my items has been included into a “Collection” called ArtFire’s Summer Roses.

ArtFire's Summer Roses

I always get excited when I find that someone else has liked an item of mine that fits into their Collection or Treasury. When I clicked on the link it took me to the ArtFire’s Summer Roses Collection, and there I found my “A Rose is a Rose” bright red rose earrings!

Next, I looked at the other items in the collection and found some very beautiful items collected together. I knew it was going to be difficult to choose only a couple of items to focus on, with all these great items. I decided to focus on items that are not jewelry tonight, mainly because I make jewelry and Umeboshi also offers jewelry with her fused glass artwork.

I finally made my choices and decided to get my magic carpet out and unroll it getting it ready for my late night fly overs and shop visits.

Magiccarpet away we go

My first selection is from budan Art, of Pickering, Ontario, Canada, where Mandy, who specializes in Fine Art, uses abstract designs in landscape painting.

budan Art

I love Mandy’s perspective. When viewing her work, my eyes were first drawn to her Stormlight, which at first glance appears to be an autumn tree of Maple or Aspen with its leaves fluttering with the approach of the storm on the horizon in an autumn month’s late afternoon sun light.


Up close, it is definitely abstract art, with every detail a collaboration of shapes and colors, when all combined together with defined parameters at a distance it creates a beautiful scenic work of art. I am sure you’ll agree when you view all of Mandy’s fine art. Her work appears as though she can render depth of field with a brushstroke. A perfect example of this is shown in the “Last Rose of Summer” the Rose image (see below) that Umeboshi chose for this collection. Magnifico!

When I looked at Mandy’s “View From Mazengah,” I am reminded of the Lake that I grew up on during the summer months, where I learned to water ski with my collective family and relatives on our yearly forays into the Sierra Nevada mountains.

View from Mazengah

Just as I was about to leave, I espied another of Mandy’s prints, one called Spring Light. As with her other art, from a distance it looks exactly like maple leaves viewed upward ( from below the tree) as if I was relaxing in a hammock in the cool morning sunlight.


I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at Mandy’s fine art, with her unique perspective. It is so nice to see this side of scenery, the way Mandy utilizes depth perception and her ability to show the world how she might be seeing it.

Last Rose of Summer

I certainly see it this way, and perhaps that is why her rose in Umeboshi’s Collection caught my attention!
Thank you budanArt!


Off we go!

And now I am off to return the the West Coast, this time to San Francisco, to luxuriate myself with La Conchita Naturals!

La Conchita Naturals

Now I have always been a firm believer of the saying “Nature Bats Last” a term we used back in geology classes. We always had a firm grip on the meaning of that short statement. And when I arrived at La Conchita’s shop, the very first thing I read in her bio was: “Nature Knows Best.”

I felt right at home.

Looking at all of Conchita’s goodies I was happy to find natural products, with care given to our senses. LaConchita’s features Natural Skin Care, Mineral Makeup, Aromatherapy, Natural Perfume, Healing Balms, Organic Face Wash, Acne Skin Care, and some very cool shimmering lip glosses and fantastic colors of eye shadows.

By trade (other than wiresNpliers) I am a licensed cosmotologist (29yrs), having had experience with mineral makeups in the past, I am proud to say, they are exclusively in my drawer here at home.

The very first thing I noticed about LaConchita’s was their price point! After working in an upscale high level salon for so many years, (with huge dents in my pay stubs from all the mineral make up and products purchased over the years) I can say that La Conchita’s prices are, across the board, much lower than the ‘well known’ mineral makeup lines sold retail in salons, and being natural on top of that, is astounding. I could probably purchase 2 outfits with the difference in price points between what I have already paid vs. the same type of product La Conchita’s sells. And in our economy price is a very important factor these days!

So rather than go into detail about any particular product (whoa! Those honey drops are very unique), I will place images of my favorite products that link directly back to La Conchita’s shop for your perusal.

Gold Pearl Eye Shadow
Gold Pearl Eye Shadow
Red Rose Body Oil
Red Rose Botannical Oil

Honey Drops Coral Rose Pearl Dust
                                         Honey Drops                             Coral Rose Pearl Dust

Smokey eye essential eye shadow! Sea Radiance Moisturizer
      Black Smoky Eye Shadow              Sea RadianceMoisturizer

Steampunk Bronze Lip Shimmer
Steampunk Bronze Lip Shimmer

La Conchita Naturals carries everything from skin care, aromatherapy, to luxury vegan natural soaps and makeup.

From Forest Nymph Perfume to Pumpkin Spice Masque, La Conchita Naturals is sure to have something that will awaken your senses, while being good for your body, because remember when it comes to our bodies….

Nature Knows Best.
La Conchita Naturals


Off we go!

Visiting our host’s shop named Umeboshi was my final stop on my return home from my night’s flight.


Our host Umeboshi, has her studio in West Virginia, and is currenty specializing in hot glass and wearable art. Multi talented, Umeboshi has worked with stained glass art and cabachons, and makes jewelry, but has also had a career in Education. Her artistic fused glass is all very beautiful, so I will focus on several that have caught my attention.

Red and Green Rose Petal Pendant
Red and Green Rose Petal Pendant
Bamboo Garden ensemble
Bamboo Garden
Textured Dichroic Pendant
Dichroic Textured Glass Pendant

Beautiful glass work!



As I glide homeward, I recall my own product that Umeboshi selected for her Collection.


I love to collect glass work, and every once in a while I will use flowers in my work. I had these pretty red lampwork roses that I found in Canada, so I used them in addition to some pressed glass leaves and farfalle beads in red and green, then lightly bundle- wrapped them to copper leverback earrings, creating a summery effect.

I love glass work and hope to work with it by my own hand at some point. My husband makes lampwork in his free “fun” time, but unfortunately with times the way they currently are, he doesn’t get as much fun time as he would like, so we’re hoping in the future to open our own “glass works" someday.


When I got home tonight, I was opening my email and what did I see? I saw ArtFire’s Daily Collection looking at me! That’s right! Not only did ArtFire’s Summer Rose Collection travel on my magic carpet with me tonight, it traveled all around the world, too. It was the chosen Collection from all of ArtFire and was featured in the ArtFire’s Daily Email! Woo hoo!

ArtFires Summer Roses

I would like to give a sincere thank you to Umeboshi, for including our art in her beautiful Collection of Art Fire’s Summer Roses.
Just look how far and wide it has reached!

Thank you, Umeboshi.

Good night all.
wiresNpliers ~ MiSFiTS