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Etsy Treasury: Flower Power! Millefiori, A Thousand Flowers

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We are honored to be included in an Etsy Treasury devoted to Millefiori Glass, rather, caned flowers! This Treasury brought to you by Cathy and her Etsy shop named CathyMakesCards.

Flower Power Millefiori - 1000 flowers

I will be spending the whole evening away from home, internationally moving between Israel, the UK and Ireland.

Unrolling my now famous magic carpet, I smooth it out preparing it for my long ride. But first, I feel compelled to backtrack a bit, refreshing myself with millefiori before I completely immerse myself in it.

Here we go

Millefiori is a distinctive style of glass working where multicolored rods of glass are fused together in bundles and are then cut in cross sections. Depending upon the size and shape of the rods fused together the outcome effect will differ when cut cross wise.

polymer clay canes

Flowers are the usual result and there are many different flower styles, shapes, and color combinations. Famous millefiori comes from Venice where all the really neat glass originates (among other locations, including homemade lampwork, because we all know, it all came from the home originally).

Recently even polymer clay has been successfully used in the creation of millefiori, too as we will be seeing tonight!

Not having seen polymer clay made into millefiori, I decided to make a visit to YouTube before leaving on my adventure for the evening. I have to say that I spent some time there learning and watching as canes of clays were painstakingly rolled and cut, rolled and cut in successive patterning, then laid back down again and rolled and cut some more.

Finally canes were made then they were cut into sections and each section was rolled and made into beads then threaded onto metal skewers and baked. Later they were coated in a protective covering and then made into jewelry. What fun!

The Hamsa is considered a powerful talisman against the 'evil eye,' and is usually worn around the neck or hung on walls or over the doors of homes and businesses, or over a baby's bed, where it will ward off the evil eye.

On that note I think I’ll make my first stop at a shop that works with polymer clay. The name of the Shop is Mirakris, Colors of Life. MiraKris is also part of the owner’s name Mira (pinki) Krispil, and she answers to Pinki.
Pinki creates every piece of sculpture and they are each a One-of-a-kind piece of art. Pinki’s been making millefiori for about 7 years now, and loves working with all of the colors. She even has bowls which are very beautiful.

The Bull

One of my favorite pieces is a sculpture of a bull. This bull is a full 6.5” high and 10” long, made completely from clay polymer millefiori flowers each one painstakingly created by hand, utilizing just about every color of the rainbow. The bull also has a ringed tail and horns and is very unique! There is just something about a big strong bull and delicate sweet flowers.

My attention was then caught by something different. Pinki has named it Zentangle, and they are hand drawn art in black and white, in a digital format made exclusively as download art for personal usage for your art!


My display of Pinki’s Zentangle, of course bears her watermark, but yours won’t when you receive your purchase via email. They’re perfect because you can download it many ways, with either an inkjet or a laser printer, in many sizes and formats.
Pinki also has bowls in which she has covered their outside edge with polymer clay millefiori. They’re beautiful, and useable (no dishwashers tho') and can also be used as an ornamental bowl display.
Her shop is most colorful, and I have really enjoyed my time here…. But now I must move onward.

away we go

Off to the UK now, for my next stop.

Pink Millefiori Pendant

I swoop down to my next stop, Leeski, in Surrey, England! Leeski is licensed to sell Murano glass, and has a beautiful collection to offer, from millefiori to foiled and even hand blown (or hollow) Murano glass beads.

My first glance found these pretty earrings made from hand blown Murano glass.

Murano Hand blown earrings

I love the pink and light green two-toned pattern, with its textured exterior, and when the Swarovski element AB crystal beads are nestled in the bottom of the beaded earrings they look spectacular! Add the gold fill findings and they become an immediate dazzle!

Encased class earrings

Next I turned to another type of glass bead, an encased style (and favorite style of mine), in which a transparent base is used with the artists style of additional artwork, in this case a reticello (opposite directional twisting) in white glass caning which criss-crosses in a beautiful pattern. Then the bead is encased in another layer of transparent glass and finally flowers have been painted in the molten glass leaving a raised pattern effect. Freshwater pearl accents and goldfill metal work finished the look.

I have to say I am so happy to see the gold fill used; it seems lately that because of the sky rocketing price of gold, that many artists have avoided using it. It’s too bad, too. I love it and enjoy seeing it and for that matter, I also enjoy using it, myself.

The moon is up and it’s time to go; and away I ride into the night.

heading to Ireland

Now a hop, skip, and a jump over to Ireland, to our Host’s shop: CathyMakesCards

Cathy Makes Cards
click me to go to Cathy Makes Card shop.

Cathy’s shop is based in Drogheda, Ireland, and she makes all occasion cards, never two alike, in many different styles and using different applications. Depending upon the card she may even embellish her cards with gems, buttons, ribbons, and more.

Cupcake card

This cupcake card is really nice looking with the dark background and envelope. I like its presentation.

You can always be sure that you have a unique card to give at any occasion, and here’s a football Birthday card to prove it (Note in the US it would be called a soccer card), either way it is really cute!

Football (soccer) card

OK, it’s a long ride home, and I am going to get an early start on my voyage home.

Home Sweet Home

On my flight home I think about all the really nice things I have seen and what I have learned about millefiori glass, and I am reminded that Cathy also chose an item from my shop wiresNpliers for her beautiful Treasury.

Summer Sunshine

For Summer Sunshine, I chose to mix summery colors of royal blue with lemon yellow for this Princess length (a little over 19”) necklace. I have these really neat citrine yellow Swarovski Element crystals and they remind me of faceted lemon drops! Along with these crystals I have added lemon yellow fiber optic cats eye beads that glow in any light. Tied with pale aqua silk, in a suspended bead style, it also has seed beads accents of pale satin aqua and silver. Each Royal blue millefiori disk bead glows is 14mm and its caned flowers are of yellow, blue and white.


Well, I am back at home now, and ready to turn in for the evening, I have my tea and it has started to rain outside, so I think I'll say goodnight now.

I would like to personally thank Cathy for choosing to add wiresNpliers to her Treasury today, and I would also like to thank all the wonderful artists also chosen for the Flower Power! Millefiori (A Thousand Flowers)Treasury.

This has been a very exciting TravelBlog and I have had fun traveling across the world to visit such exceptional shops tonight.

Thank you again, Cathy

wiresNpliers ~ MiSFiTS

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