Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lanyards Aren't For Sissies Anymore!

Welcome To The World Of Lanyards
Golden Picasso Breakaway Lanyard

Now if you think Lanyards are passe, or something that no one ever uses, long in the teeth, or only an item made from plastic strings that some youngster made at summer camp and delivered to their parents with wide eyes seeking the big 'atta boy,' you couldn't be more wrong.

All About the Blues, Beautiful Blues

If you have ever been on the school yard, around any educators, or at a day care, a hospital, or in many of the myriad of offices coast to coast and you haven't noticed any lanyards in daily use, well then, you are just not paying attention or in a terrible state of denial.

If you think lanyards are for kids, made by kids, and only in use around the world of 'kid-dom" you are sadly mistaken.

Pitch Black

Lanyards are very popular, and come in many styles, including the pull string clip-ons with a retractable line for the ID card, and more...OK, they're not really lanyards, but they do fall into the same category as lanyards and they are considered ID holders just like lanyards.

China Blue Breakaway

Well, let me introduce you to the world of Lanyards, ID holders, formerly know as "Lotsa Lanyards"  at wiresNpliers.

Autism Awareness Lanyard

Our lanyards are different than most because they are not a linear style lanyard. Our lanyards are all 3 piece lanyards, meaning two sides and a tag.  As we know, lanyards have a tendency to bear the stress of daily wear directly on the back of the neck,  or on the front where the tag lies.  Most of the time it is because the line passes directly through the tag on its journey northward back up the opposite side of the lanyard.


At wiresNpliers we have taken care of this issue by using a 3 piece system:  Two sides and a tag.
And because tags are quite often the culprit of breakage, having a three piece system means that there is a connection point at the most vulnerable locations.

Tutti Fruitti

Having a three piece system means that each side starts and stops with jump rings and they hold together much better than the regular system of beading line passing through any point, especially one that bears weight of any kind.  Each tag is handmade, and a ring topped tag easily connects directly to the jump rings from each side.

Whole Earth Butterfly

Another great feature is the Breakaway feature.  Many sites that require employees to wear ID's also have rules that they must breakaway in the event of being grabbed, pulled or caught on something.  One of the things I learned the hard way is that most, if not all of the magnetic clasps that are currently made for jewelry making have piddly little magnets that barely hold string much less beads and there's nothing worse that having one's lanyard fall off their neck, and in a worse case scenario, shattering beads as they hit the floor, especially if it happens to be in a daycare situation with toddlers milling around. No one wants to see toddlers get their hands on beads. We all know where those beads will end up if that happens.

Forest Green Cat's Eye

I really like strong magnetics.  In fact, my magnets warn about pacemakers (the same warnings that all magnetic items should carry with their usage). I use a magnet called Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets (NbFeB Grade N40), also referred to as Rare Earth Magnets which are much stronger than the regular magnetic ornamental clasps available.  That's right, I have traded out fancy and frilly for a power grasp magnet. I'll explain  more about my magnetic choices later. But first, here is a sampling of our "Lotsa Lanyards."

Earth Elements ~ Water
Earth Elements ~ Air

All In A Cat's Eye

Lanyards can be custom made as many of these have been. They can be Rustic:

Tribal Rustic

Lanyards can also be made Patriotic.

Red, White, and Blue Breakaway

Lanyards can be made for sports teams, too.

Benny's BeaverNation

Another extremely popular style of lanyard are the Awareness lanyards (mostly in our case, Autism Awareness lanyards):

Firefly Autism Awareness

Pearly Girlie Autism Awareness

Our lanyards are all double crimped top and bottom of each side, and over the years, I have stopped using sterling silver wire for the tags, now opting for craft wire (as thick as the beads will allow) due to its strength and resistance to bend. All other silver components on the white metal lanyard is Sterling Silver, including the crimps, crimp covers, and wire guardians (a component that holds the beading line away from the wires, which are also a contention point for future breakage, when beading line is allowed to fold directly over clasps and jump rings).  Copper, bronze, gunmetal, and gold fill components are also used with different colored metals. The Rare Earth Magnets are available in Black, Gold and Silver shades so they can be matched to the Lanyard choice, too.


With each lanyard, a plastic insert is enclosed with a choice of vertical or horizontal orientation, and choices are many when it comes to connecting ones ID card to their lanyard:

Care for magnets are also included in the listings, including how to attach and detach your magnets correctly.

Now that I have displayed many of our lanyards for your perusal; I will tell you this:  Every one of the above lanyards has been sold.


The good new is this:
As of today May 7th, 2013, these are some of the current lanyards available at wiresNpliers:


I have become such a faithful user of these magnetics that once I decided to purchase their own ornamental jewelry clasps, but I have to say I was already spoiled by their big industrial strength magnets, and once I added the ornamentals I was worried that they might not be quite as strong a the big guys. So, in this case I decided to add some chain guards, making these lanyards over-the-head while still utilizing the breakaway feature:

Dark Flower Firefly Autism Awareness Breakaway

These lanyards aren't just for women, either.  We also have a lanyard for men, or for anyone that doesn't need a breakaway, or prefers a nonmetal type of lanyard.

The MAN-yard 
No. 1 (sold)

No. 2

These MAN-yards have been knotted by hand in a labor intense style and created in a loop form with all the beads already previously added on the line, the knotting starting at the loop and going up and over the top and back down to finish at the front.  Originally suited for a "guy" they can be made for anyone. Originally made in a masculine style, other beads can be used, and in the case of small holes the knotting merely extends not only through the bead but around the exterior of the bead, too. A very unique style, for the unique person. 

At wiresNpliers, even our star, Sarahbushka occasionally gets involved with lanyards, though hers are not breakaway, but they do incorporate the 3 piece system, because you just can't beat a functional style.

I hope you've had a great time learning about how we make our Lanyards And ID holders (Lots'a Lanyards) and our functionality that we place in their creation.

And remember, never EVER feel shy about clicking that "Contact" button at wiresNpliers, for even the most basic information, because after all, that's what it's there for!

Thank you for reading this blog post!
Have a great day!


Laurel said...

These lanyards are gorgeous - jewelry with a practical use too. I'll have a hard time choosing one, but if I get a permanent teaching job I've applied for, I think I'll reward myself with one of these. What to choose, what to choose. . . .

Wires n Pliers said...

My fingers are crossed that you'll get that permanent job, Laurel.
Good luck!