Thursday, September 19, 2013

Holiday Season at WiresNpliers! We're Imploding... and more!

Implosion Glass, Anemone Style

Holiday season is approaching very quickly.  I am currently writing listings for this year's Holiday items I plan to launch next month. I have a total of 18 pendants with a 19th on the horizon (meaning, I am not sure whether I will list the "19th Pendant" (as I have now named it) because it is one that I originally chose for myself).  As an artist it is sometimes hard to keep one for myself when I already have so many items that I cannot possibly wear, even if I wore them every single day. There's a whole segment of buyers that prefer to purchase the exact one they are looking at (like many of my colleagues, I have been known to sell jewelry directly 'off-the-neck')! One just never knows when the moment will happen.

So, my items are all going to be lower price points, and are mainly female oriented, but not necessarily so. I say this because they are all chokers that are worn high on the neck, so their lengths are all around 16-17" or so.  They should even fit the more richly endowed person too, however in the event that a necklace is just too tight, I may have to create an extension piece to list alongside!
No problem; it's what I do!

So without spoiling the surprise, I will just give some basic info and one picture and the rest? Well, you'll just have to wait until the Launch!

1.  All of the glass is handmade by either local Artisans or kindred artisans through the sites I sell.  Each artist I have come to know and respect in regards to their art.  The more I pay for the glass, the higher the price point will be.
2.  Each one is one-of-a-kind item
3. All items are at lower price points for handmade. i.e., all range between $20-30 with most at or below $25.
4.  These are perfect Holiday items and Stocking stuffers.
5.  While all ages can and do enjoy this style many times the younger ages, especially teens love this look.
6.  The necklaces can be switched out if necessary (after the fact) by removing one pendant and adding a different pendant, if desired.
7. I am sure there are more reasons that I can think of, but Holidays are the perfect times for giving and receiving (even if you are giving to yourself).
Well, that's about it until the launch date, which will come at a future time (as soon as I finish the listings).
Each year I create my Holiday items and launch them around October, then I take my break only making special orders and customizing jewelry for others. I really can't stop making jewelry since it (creativity) is in the blood, so I am always doing something. I just stop my deadlines after October so that I can enjoy the Holidays too. Enjoying usually means eating goodies and enjoying the Holiday Spirit which only seems to fire up my creativity more than usual, so one can see that I really never stop.

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