Friday, September 27, 2013

WiresNpliers Holiday Fun Gift Items Await Launch Date!

I'm such a tease.
The Happy New Year Necklace
Awaiting any launch date can be excruciating, and I am finding myself at odds with the wait.  On the other hand I do not want to "Launch" too early either. I would prefer some Holiday Spirit to be present when shopping, what ever that means to you, be it a feeling of internal cheer of the coming months, filled with trees, lights, ornaments, cookies and even Christmas Carols or just good 'ol spirits like eggnog or hot buttered rum; I love shopping no matter what spirits propel me.
I have toyed with waiting until after Halloween to "Launch" but then I might get buried in the myriad of other "Launches" out there; so like last year, I will probably do my thing around mid October perhaps on Wed. October 16th starting in the early evening (that's West Coast time).
The Launch:
I will launch through my House of Tor  Facebook Photo Album Page (an 'open to the public' page). The Photo Album is named " ♦ WiresNpliers ♣ Etsy ♥ Artfire ♠ The House of Tor " which is basically  my folder of past work, some offered at Etsy, Artfire and some of it past work that has been sold or jewelry that has been commissioned by others.
I will be posting directly to my Facebook Timeline from my Artfire handmade shop, and then moving the items to the House of Tor album for viewing. Of course, I will also be posting them all here too, after the Launch!
See you there!
October 16th, 2013
In the meantime feel free to view the wiresNpliers website and the SRAJD websites! 

What's this?  Don't be afraid, click it!

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