Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow! Look what I found! Pennies, pennies, everywhere, it's like Wheatback City over there.

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I was finger surfing the other night.....

Drew's Collectibles 95 Pennies
.....with a little time to spare
 and for some reason I found myself in the Etsy Forums.
And those in the 'know,' know all about the Etsy Forums. End of story.

I enjoy meeting new people from Etsy; one just never knows who they'll meet and what they'll find next. I'm usually over there hanging around the people that have a lot of pliers, that bend a lot of wires, including the "peoples who hold many hammers," but in the Etsy Forums I can also meet people who smell really good, because they make soap! They make clothes, they draw and paint and saw wood, make fudge, print with inks and some even sell claws, too! ~!~ Now don't get your wires all bent, they're replicated.
I have seen fingernails, too.... all hand painted and sparkly, even ones with pictures on them all ready-to-go right over your own nails! Why, I even saw a set of nails with pointed metal studs!
I still chuckle every time I think about them.
I laugh because we have a family cat that wears a black leather pointed metal stud collar, and come to think of it, we got that collar at Etsy, too!
I am now starting to sound eerily like a commercial for Etsy, so End of Story.

OK. I was finger surfing as I said, and I was multitasking in the matrix:  updating my Pinterest page at the same time that I was 'conversat-ing' in the Etsy Forums. Facebook was running in the background, and I had a little googl/dicti/wiki, for reference, on the side. 

I was happily pinning, and as I went along collecting things that caught my fancy, I suddenly saw.... the Pennies.

1000 Pennies

 (I love that word...pennies....)

I was like..."W o W"
So I had to share the pennies to my world out there. He (Drew) has pennies!
He is the shop owner of DrewsCollectibles Coins and Collectibles.  He has more than pennies, too, He has collectibles like figurines and jewelry and coins, coins, coins and even something I am going back for as soon as I am done here.
If you like Pennies and other collectibles, I suggest taking a little trip on down to Drew's place at Etsy.
This Shout Out was brought to you by wiresNpliers who has way too much free time.......


Drew Staats said...

thank you so much for your kind review of my store. I cannot appreciate this enough. Still have lots of pennies. Bought 5,000 recently--- may pick up 2,500 more. But, my shop is on hold due to trying to find an apartment. Let me know if you ever need anything.


Drew Staats said...